Male teacher live class “overturned”, out of a section of indecent sound, parents said that can not tolerate

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The advent of the network age, so that people feel very convenient, students can stay indoors to see the world, rich extracurricular knowledge, teachers access to information is also very convenient.This is indeed a “double-edged sword”, when surfing the Internet, pop-up ads are annoying, when they are in a hurry, they can always be clicked, and students are easily influenced.One teacher was hurt, and students were also affected, which caused a heated discussion.A physics teacher in Central China’s Hubei province has caused a heated debate after a teacher’s car flipped over during a live-streaming class, prompting parents to express their frustration.For teachers in school, there are still no small challenges in webcast classes, which are quite different from class classes. In class classes, teachers have better interaction with students, and teachers are more focused on lectures. However, in webcast classes, many unexpected changes are easy to happen.For example, the physics teacher, in the class to the students, maybe not enough preparation, something embarrassing happened. In class, nearly 20 seconds of indecent sound came out, some students recorded it and posted it on the Internet, causing no small discussion.High school learning is very tense, students are in adolescence, such things will bring very bad influence, parents are also very angry after learning, will report it to the education bureau.The incident also attracted official attention and an investigation. According to the teacher, he did nothing indecent, but a prompt popped up on his computer page asking him to fix the Flash player while teaching a live class.You know, if you use your computer a lot, it’s automatically updated, and generally, you just click ok and the page is gone, and it doesn’t affect anything else.After the teacher clicked, unexpectedly activated a virus file, and then this happened, this kind of live broadcast “overturned” let the teacher also feel wronged.After an investigation, the local education bureau issued a notice, and although the teacher may not have done it intentionally, he still needs to take some responsibility. The teacher apologized to the students and the teacher, and accepted punishment.Opinions on the incident are mixed, with some netizens arguing that the punishment is too severe and that the teachers are inexperienced in online classes and mistakes are inevitable. If what the teacher said is true, it can only be said that it was an accident and the teacher should learn from it and correct it.Students record a section of the video and upload it to the Internet, which also has a bad influence on the teacher. It is easy to be misunderstood out of context.Most netizens do not agree that the teacher is a very serious matter, since I know that I do not have much experience, I should be fully prepared, after all, it is to teach students, the impact of such things is hard to estimate, the punishment is not serious.In general, we will understand each other, the teacher did something wrong apologized, to accept more inclusive, teachers also should pay attention to, live online lesson is a fresh thing, before class to prepare amply avoid such mistakes, otherwise, once the cause bad effect to the student is irreparable.Students and parents all hope to have a green “network environment” network era for students and teachers are very convenient, such as access to information, online classes, but the network environment is worrying, there will often be some bad information pop up, students will also be affected, physical and mental health is affected, impossible to prevent.Parents hope to have a good network environment, let students use the network to learn, so that students can enrich their knowledge and improve their skills, teachers can also reduce some rollover accidents.Network is a “double-edged sword”, want to have a green network environment, has the certain difficulty, parents should guide students to correctly use the Internet, even if is used to study, don’t use for a long time to avoid excessive dependence, the student union is inert, are reluctant to take the initiative to think, some students do homework and check the answers to the net, causing the appearance of very hard, wait for the test,Grades will be low.Teachers use the network class, to consider the comprehensive, ready, and then give students to lecture, looked at this matter, the teachers should take warning, do not happen again such “teaching accident”.The author would like to say: there are many advantages of online live classes. There is no limit to the location, so students can listen at any time and the learning environment is relatively relaxed. Of course, students should not be too relaxed and listen carefully.The teacher also wants to adapt as soon as possible, the new teaching mode, the teaching effect may not be good, the teacher should avoid as far as possible, the student’s study is more important, usually should learn more, can’t slack off because of the online class at home, shoulder the teaching responsibility, should treat seriously.Today’s topic: teacher live class spread indecent students were notified, what do you think?Leave a comment in the comments section.If you want to know more exciting content, please come to the melon education guide