Sixty-nine today, sixty-nine see the beginning of spring, have what good omen, see rural proverb how to say

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Introduction, today sixty-nine, sixty-nine day to see the beginning of spring, what good omen?See what the proverb says.Today is the fourth day of the first lunar month, the solar calendar February 4 into the start of spring, today is the first day of 69, three good days in a day, will usher in a good omen.Today is the fourth day of the first lunar month, according to the folk legend, today is the time when the gods from heaven to the world.”Have send god early, receive god late” said, the so-called send god is from early in the morning, and receive god in the afternoon is not late.This afternoon is the day to receive the gods in the sky, the gods in the sky will bring people good luck, big rich big expensive big auspicious.Today is February 4, the start of Spring, which is the first of the 24 solar terms. It is also the first day to welcome spring flowers. The start of Spring, which indicates the revival of all things.Spring hit sixty-nine, ninety-nine songs fifty-nine sixty-nine, along the river to see willows, willow sprouts, spring is abundant, a school of spring to show us.Today is The beginning of Spring on February 4, the time of the beginning of spring is 4:53:36 in the morning, early spring is a good year, today is clear skies, indicating that this year is a bumper harvest.Today is the first day of 69, from today on into 69, 69 of the day to see the beginning of spring, there will be any good omen, see the proverb how to say.Proverb, spring dozen six nine, every buy cattle spring dozen six nine, six nine, is the sixth nine days, because into the winter solstice is the beginning of nine, nine days for a time, ninety-eight one plus nine, cattle walk everywhere, thoroughly into the farming season.Every buy scalpers, spring dozen six or nine, indicating that this year is a good year, farmers planting all kinds of crops will get a big harvest, after the harvest, farmers have money in their pockets, every family will buy a scalper, when the coming year, farming are not artificial.Of course, now people are using mechanized farming, if farmers get a good harvest, a farm to buy a machine, that is also light.Spring dozen six nine, the start of spring solar term, if encountered the first day of sixty-nine, we realize that this year farmers farming is a big harvest, farmers are rich, they have a lot of spare money in their hands, these spare money will go to great use, eat what all don’t worry.Eating oil is like drinking water, in the past farming times, people eat oil by dropping, when cooking stew, pick up the bottle of soybean oil, pour oil into the pot, pour a few drops of soybean oil, so you can cook stew.If the farmers harvest, they will have a lot of soybean oil, when cooking dishes do not need to drip, they can put as much as they want, the stew will be very sweet, people eat their mouth full of oil, it is really rich life.In short, the beginning of spring on the day of June 9 this year is a good omen and also indicates that this year is a good harvest year. I wish farmers good weather and good weather and welcome a better tomorrow. Do you agree or disagree?