Catering franchise, what does the brand need franchisee to provide?

2022-04-25 0 By

[coffee] Good morning, greeting you all in the country where spring is coming and it’s raining day after day.The owner can say that all lack, need to franchisee out of the franchise fee, buy equipment, choose the location, decoration, operation management, but also from the owner of the continuous replenishment.Looks like a good business, but there are more problems.Franchisee sources are multifarious, lack of standardization for store operation;Shop decoration level is uneven;Private mining is a serious problem;On top of that, once one of them has a food hygiene problem, the whole chain goes down.In fact, franchise owners, the first need is standardization.The standardization of the minimum standard is the standardization of the store image.Many of the current large-scale chain, is the unified management of the construction.For example, zhou Black duck, A xiang rice line, fish you together these head brands, is responsible for the store decoration by the franchisee, directly to the franchisee turnkey.Franchisees solve the problems of site selection, decoration and operation management for chain system expansion.However, there are many franchisees who are not short of capital and operation management ability. What they need most is that franchisees use the local network resources to solve the site selection problem.Restaurant location is the most important thing, which is to determine the flow of things, no chain owners have the ability to get a good position in every city in the country.If the franchisee is in charge of the operation, the franchisee is actually more like an investor. He will fix the site selection by relying on his connections, invest in the establishment of the shop, and then hand it over to the franchisee for operation and management. He can count the money at home.Therefore, brand side most need franchisee to provide, is in the local site selection resources, the other are the owners can fix.[Starting point: the so-called traditional enterprises start from products to find customers; the so-called Internet enterprises first attract people and then provide products/services according to the needs of these people]