Hard to look at!The Japanese women’s soccer team was sent to stand after losing!China buys luxury goods after losing to Vietnam

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China beat Japan 6-5 in the semifinals of the Asian Women’s Cup, breaking a spell of non-Japanese dominance over the past six years and ending a four-game losing streak.The victory over Japan came on the heels of a 3-1 loss to Vietnam that left the entire Chinese soccer world in a state of mourning.Everyone is not optimistic about the future prospects of The Chinese men’s football team, many people are planning the Chinese men’s football team to participate in the 2030, 2034 World Cup.After the game, The head coach of The Chinese women’s football team, Shui Qingxia, talked about the strength gap between the two sides in an interview. She said, the strength of the Japanese women’s football team is indeed better than ours!But in this game, the young players did not give up, the veteran is also in continuous efforts, and finally we saw the Chinese women’s football team in the penalty shootout to the death of the Japanese women’s football team to create a miracle, but also let the sonorous rose name continues to spread.In the match with The Japanese women’s football team, we saw the efforts of the goalkeeper Zhu Yu and the captain Wang Shanshan.We didn’t win in regular time, but the girls went to overtime and shootouts, and it was exciting.The Chinese national team, with naturalized players, won only one game in eight preliminary rounds.Now has been completely farewell to the World Cup!And The Chinese women’s football team defeated the Vietnamese women’s football team on the stage of the Asian Cup, has won the World Cup ticket, who says that women are inferior to men?Really, The Chinese women’s soccer team gave the Chinese men’s soccer team a good lesson.At the end of this game, there is a shot, worth everyone to ponder!After the Japanese women’s soccer team lost badly to China, their head coach didn’t send his players back to the locker room quickly. Instead, he left all his players on the court.As a group of them stood together, the head coach held a meeting for all the players and summarized what went wrong in their match with the Chinese women’s football team. Why was it kicked in by Wang Shanshan in 119 minutes of extra time?Why didn’t the captain of the Japanese women’s soccer team take advantage of the opportunity to score the first goal in the penalty shootout?It has to be said that their manager is in a very good position to sum up the loss. Japan’s football ability does not come from nowhere.Looking at the athletes of the Japanese women’s football team, a head hammer is over there, and they are really deeply reflecting on the deficiency of this match!The Chinese men’s football team, on the other hand, chartered a plane home after losing 3-1 to Vietnam.On the bus back to the hotel after the defeat, some media took pictures of The Chinese men’s football team buying luxury goods on the bus. Seeing such pictures, I was very upset. I don’t know what the Chinese men’s football team regards as the preliminary World Cup.Is it a junket?Although said Vietnam soccer level than it currently a national soccer team players a little higher, but they did not go to great lengths to go on the pitch, after losing the game, they are not in a process of reflection, but instead a game as these ordinary communication, after the end of the game can also have the mood to buy luxury goods, I can only say,The heart is really big.