No “snakeskin” girl!5 good to cry, buy back more than 3 times of body milk, pregnancy essential

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Think at the beginning of every autumn winter my leg on the arm with the same snake began to molt, dry calculate return special itching, a catch a bag thief scary…I didn’t know the importance of body milk until I had some awareness of skin care in university.As a former snakeskin girl, body lotion is really recommended to stick with, even if your skin is not dry!Dry itching can tell you byebye!Especially elbow, knee, ankle and other usually easy to ignore but the most exposed maintenance details of the place, to the exquisite girl!Some sisters do not like to use body milk, a big reason is not selected to good, some body milk rub greasy, all kinds of groove point full.Today, I recommend 6 good to cry, I buy back more than 3 times of body milk!Can be called pregnancy essential good!1, Tender body milk moisturizing!I have several empty bottles already!Because I was originally dry skin, after being pregnant, legs and stomach suddenly become more dry, sometimes serious still can drop skin, huge itching!It doesn’t matter if I scratch my legs. I really dare not touch my stomach. I’m afraid to scratch stretch marks…At that time is to see treasure mother group of sisters said good, I went to check the next beauty repair, without what stimulus components, mainly a few small molecules of moisture and soothing components.Ingredients such as sodium hyaluronate and panthenol have a very good moisturizing effect. With the penetration effect of folic acid, the skin is really immediately moisturized, especially the thigh feels soft and waxy, and the ingredients are skin-friendly and not sticky at all.Especially the place that bellies itch besmear goes up very cool and refreshing, the kind of pruritus feeling instant can calm down, should be the soothing effect of centella snows, reduced the sensitivity of the skin, still can prevent pregnancy mark effectively.Remember, centella extract can repair broken elastic/collagen fibers, so it’s a good idea to use it in your body lotion in advance.A bit like the quality of a material of ice cream, good away, behind the shower massage gently pat, in a relatively dry place with a little more, and her belly really moisturizing, without a moment is absorbed, skin no burden, the outermost layer of skin also can accept ~ 2, young shoots body lotion young shoots with more security is the core idea, selection of high quality organic raw material in the whole world,For Chinese pregnant and infant groups to provide safer, organic, natural, high-quality products for the brand mission, pregnancy use more secure.Extracted avocado oil, combined with Japanese patented hydrolyzed collagen, sodium hyaluronate to lock water, and 5 kinds of vegetable oils, is no longer just to replenish water, but to better relieve dry and itchy skin during pregnancy.Refreshing lotion texture, water moist very easy to push, skin absorption is super fast, the skin is fresh and not sticky, coated with no stuffy feeling of coverage, coated can immediately put on clothes, do not be afraid of sticking clothes.After absorption, the skin feels very smooth, applied at night, the next day the skin is still smooth and tender, skin feeling fried chicken comfortable.This one doesn’t smell much to me, it’s just a little bit of raw stuff, and it works even during morning sickness.3, Standard Tene E milk is good in quality and cheap in moisturizing, it has been used since the beginning of the university, countless empty bottles, as dry skin, really save a lot of money to buy body milk.Vitamin E milk is better than most body milk, the texture of the cream is mobile, do not need to emulsify, take a bath directly on the body on the line.Special autumn and winter, can moisturize a whole day, every time the leg drops dandruff serious time to rub a little, you will find a surprise.The only downside is that taste, smell at ordinary times can accept fragrance during pregnancy can be a bit heavy (varies from person to person), have morning sickness pregnant mother to pay attention to the 4, parma’s body like chocolate milk of pregnant mama must into, sweet chocolate flavor Fried chicken smells great, may be I love chocolate, actually for no morning sickness.The texture is medium, not thick but not thin. When applied to the body, it feels like tightening the skin. The key is that the price of a large bottle is not expensive, but the cost performance is very good.I have a period of time with its stretch mark oil used together, although the light line does not have too big effect, moisturizing is really good, especially in the winter on the arm up small chicken skin, moisten a little every day, chicken skin are a lot less.In general, it is easier to use, if you are not picky about the fragrance, you can start ~5, Bedema body milk snake skin chicken skin is the most annoying autumn and winter season, dry to the pants inside are white dandruff, this body milk is no exaggeration, can make the snake skin chicken skin disappear!You can use it two or three times a week, apply it on your legs in the evening, and the next day keep the moisture you just applied, and it’s totally not greasy!There is more than one bedema body lotion available in large bottles, be sure to choose this one, suitable for children with extremely dry skin or eczema, adults and children can use the family, and very affordable!