Star way lingyun why can let a person full of praise?Is it the brand?Or is it internal?

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Everybody is good!I am star way lingyun owner, from Heze, I lift the model is “2021 400T two drive star Rui PRO version “, buy car price 160,000, opened 2300 kilometers, integrated fuel consumption 7.5L, we think I bought a loss?The reason for choosing this car is the power acceleration of 400T, 6.58 seconds for 100km, fast speed, high cost performance, and lifetime warranty of engine and gearbox.Can reach L2 level of autopilot, run shandong expressway that two words – comfortable.Second, the appearance and the feeling of the interior appearance of the regular, more in line with the Chinese aesthetic point of view, the overall look is very full, the headlights are used through the taillight.The interior is not high-end, it is a little bit missing, but the Internet of cars is very useful, especially the voice control part, to meet their travel needs.The atmosphere lights are also beautiful.My height is less than 180,75 KG in line with the height of most Chinese, so the car design is more symmetrical, sit on the right, no crowded, there is no too small, but a few days ago pulled a more than 200 pounds of brothers, sit on also completely no problem, and CT5 almost, this point is very satisfied.The trunk is still the same size, which is no problem for three suitcases, and the partition is open and there is a storage box for many clothes, which is better.Car storage capacity potential is very large, itself has a deep bottomless storage box, in addition to the main and deputy driver’s door handle storage place, for people like to throw things, absolute value.Comfort is not to mention, the whole is also leather seats, PM2.5 filter device is very easy to use, air conditioning is also partition control, car noise is very small, but the overall feeling is not comfortable, may be manufacturers pay attention to power.Four, driving and dynamic feeling to choose the car the biggest reason is the power output, 400 t, yu force calmly, beyond the fast, this is also the way lingyun advertisement, not only drive the fast, and the chassis is very stable, accelerate TuiBei feeling that is born, to be honest, girls open this car is not appropriate, touch the throttle forward through,At high speed, the power is a bit redundant, and with the SEMI-autonomous L2, it’s easy.Overall power ride is a little too fast for beginners.The steering wheel is very comfortable and can be adjusted up and down, and the lane keeping assistance system is also very easy to use. If it can reach L2.5 level, it will be more perfect. The active braking performance is good.In terms of fuel consumption, the fuel consumption is within the controllable range. For 400T power, the fuel consumption is about 8 or so, which is acceptable. The urban comprehensive fuel consumption is slightly higher, depending on personal driving habits, the veteran can basically control the fuel consumption within 9, while the novice may be slightly higher.High-speed words, basically is between 6 oil, feel this point is the selling point of star road, the engine is very good, Lingyun is using dual-drive automatic air conditioning, the main and co-pilot can be adjusted at will, at present, fuel consumption is basically not affected by much.1. Highlights of this car.Favorite place is to choose a favorite car, no reference to anyone’s opinion, bold choice star way Lingyun 400T power, 180,000 landing, in line with their budget, and star way Lingyun can lifelong free maintenance, which can also save a lot of money.The 100-kilometer acceleration of 5.8 seconds is the biggest attraction for me, who likes to drive fast.2. What are your weaknesses?Just opened a short time, to say the most dislike place is not showing the high-end, Star road has always said that he is a high-end brand, but there is no big attractive place from the interior appearance, this point I hope star road can make a change.3. Is it worth buying?Very satisfied with a car buying experience, after all, the choice is their favorite car, plus the replacement subsidy of 8000 yuan, lifelong free maintenance can also save a lot of money, and close to the 4S shop, lifelong free car washing, after all, is a high-end brand, the service is good.