Tiger Baby Lion baby is born. You get the name

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The New Year bell has rung, jinniu Lake wildlife Kingdom came good news, the park welcomed the birth of tiger, lion cub, double happiness to celebrate the New Year!The year of the Tiger is the first of its kind. Among the 30 Siberian tigers that have just entered the park, a Siberian tiger mother has given birth to a baby girl in the year of the Tiger.The cub, which weighed 2.8 pounds when it was born, is now feeding in a nursery in the animal kingdom where it is looked after around the clock by professional keepers and vets.According to the keeper’s father, the baby tiger was as cute as a baby cat when it was born.Like all the other cats, they’re drinking grandma.The keeper said, although it is small, the little tiger can grow fast, about two or three months later, our little tiger can be weaned to eat meat!The second joy of the Year of the Tiger, the African lion in the park’s self-driving area also gave birth to a female lion of 2.7 kg during the New Year.She is being cared for in an incubator in the nursery.Yeah, right next door to the tiger.The newborn lion cubs have a fawn brown body with pale black spots and a black ring on the tail.As they have not yet developed teeth, they live on dairy products, just like their cubs.The majestic lion in the past, when the cub is also a lovely little lovely, who looked at the love!If you have any good ideas or suggestions, please come to the Jinniu Lake Wildlife Kingdom and name your tiger or lion cub.In addition, during the Spring Festival, Taurus Lake Wildlife Kingdom also prepared a variety of New Year surprises for everyone:See the Northeast tiger travel tiger luck, give lucky tourists tiger head hats, actors dressed in cartoon clothes of tiger shape to give everyone “New Year”, new projects cliff swing, karting and other cool appearance… Tiger force in full swing, wonderful, citizens and tourists friends can enjoy the New Year in the scenic spot!Source: Nanjing Morning Post/Love Nanjing reporter Chen Qizeng Lu Bin editor: Lin Li