World Cup official question: Which Messi character do you like best?I think he’s the first in history!

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Original/Oxygen is a metro February 19, FIFA World Cup official Instagram update, given a multiple-choice question.Which messi character do you like best?The official list of options is limited to five: national team debut, set-piece master, national team captain, source of attacking creativity and goal scoring machine.Some of the choices are about his career, some are about who he is, and some are about messi’s style on the court and his strengths.The national team debut, there may be fewer choices.Because this is the status of many players, and messi has not retired in the history of the national team and has become the first super king, such status is obviously not obvious.The master of set-pieces is indeed one of Messi’s identities, but not the most flamboyant.Captain of the national team, same thing.Messi, who led Argentina to victory over Brazil in the Copa America last year as player of the year, top scorer, top goalscorer, best player of the game and top 10 stats, is even more admired by his teammates.If Messi leads Argentina to a World Cup title this year, his captain will carry even more weight.The source of offensive creativity is one of the main strengths of Messi, who is considered the best representative of football and the first player in its history.Messi’s abilities generally match the numbers — goals, assists, threatening passes, etc. — but they don’t.For the players, also because Messi is the first in history in this respect, so very eager to be his teammate.Neymar and De Braune have both said that any player would want to play alongside Messi.Pele, the first soccer king, also said that if there was a player to be his teammate, he would choose Messi.The goal machine, too, is Messi’s label.Messi has a very high scoring efficiency in his career and is unique in scoring statistics, records and awards.Messi is the first player in history to score goals in a single year, the first player in history to score goals in a single club, the first player in history to score golden boots in consecutive league competitions, the first player in history to win golden Boots in Europe, etc.Although the five titles given by the World Cup officials can describe Messi, they are obviously not enough to fully summarize Messi, so many fans added their own answers in the comments section, including but not limited to: first man in history, king of football, God, etc.I think Messi is the first player in history, the third football king and the best, most influential and most popular footballer in the world.Messi is a seven-time Ballon d ‘Or winner and six-time World Player of the Year. Messi is the most versatile player in the history, the player who doesn’t eat the system and configuration the most in the history, the super giant with the best personality in the history, messi is the best football idol in the history, Messi is also an excellent husband, father and junior.