Anning District entrepreneurship guarantee loan policy training and on-site office meeting

2022-04-26 0 By

In order to give better play to the guiding role of the entrepreneurship guarantee loan policy, improve the familiarity and mastery of the grass-roots staff on the entrepreneurship guarantee loan policy, effectively let the masses understand, get familiar with and make good use of the entrepreneurship guarantee loan policy, and realize the effect of promoting both the popularity of the policy and the satisfaction of the masses, on the morning of February 11,Our center cooperated with Baili Street, Postal Savings Bank and Lanzhou Bank to hold the training and on-site office meeting on entrepreneurship guarantee loan policy.Anning district government employment service center staff for entrepreneurs to provide relevant business loan guarantees the preferential policy, the object and conditions of application startup loan guarantees, need to submit information, guarantee way, small micro enterprise application conditions, and post-loan management made a comprehensive and detailed explanation, agency bank, respectively, on a personal loan with small micro enterprise loan bank audit elements, at the same time,Baili Street also invited three individual industrial and commercial businesses willing to lend money, street, employment service center and handling bank to work together on site and conduct a preliminary audit.At the training meeting, all the handling personnel studied carefully and said that although there are certain difficulties in the loan work this year, all relevant departments will work together to make the loan work in 2022 orderly.