Is he in love with her?Woman takes ex-husband to show up for ‘women’s wear’

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In other words, there is a Japanese cartoonist, to the net friends to collect material related to the nightclub, the selected words will be shared with you in the form of four manga.More than a decade ago, after she and her ex-husband divorced, they were still friends, sometimes drinking together.One day, the girl said to her ex-husband, “I know a good place. Let’s go.”Turns out, the girl had already found a new boyfriend.This new boyfriend, he works at a women’s bar.And the place she takes her ex-husband is the women’s bar where her new boyfriend works.Unexpectedly, the ex-husband fell in love with the girl’s new boyfriend at first sight and fell in love with him.After that, the husband took pains to 60 km, 3 times a week just to go to the store for sister’s new boyfriend some champagne rushed performance, sometimes to buy new clothes and cosmetics as a gift.Ex-husband and the girl’s new boyfriend, and they’ve taken a lot of trips together.In the meantime, the girl got married to her new boyfriend.At the wedding ceremony, her new boyfriend also dressed in women’s clothing.The ex-husband knew about the girl’s marriage, but still had a crush on the current husband.Then the ex-husband and the current husband went on a trip with the girl, the girl’s parents and the staff at the parents’ store.The girl concluded that the relationship between the three is like this: she marries her current husband, he likes her current husband, and she just treats him as a guest.The girl felt that her ex-husband was not so much in love as in love with her current husband.Of course, only the ex-husband knows exactly how he feels.But she and her ex-husband did not fall out.She and her ex-husband liked the same singer and had something in common to talk about.The cartoonist selected this material and drew it into a four-panel cartoon to share with netizens.For this story, netizens have launched a hot discussion: “Too much information, ha ha ha.””The most fascinating part is when a woman takes her ex-husband to meet her current husband (in dress).””It feels like everyone is special.”Netizen: “feel quite complete, ha ha ha.”The girl replied: “Everyone is on good terms with each other!It is.””Enough to make a movie!”The copyright belongs to the original author of the content of the article if involved in infringement and other problems please contact this number we will deal with in time