The Canadian province of Ontario has declared a state of emergency

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Source: xinhua’s original title: declared a state of emergency in Ontario, Canada, Ottawa February 11 (xinhua) (reporter wai lam) 11 capital in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada government announced that due to the truck driver protests spread in the province, have a significant impact on economic growth and the province now a state of emergency.Ontario provincial governor doug ford 11, said at a news conference in response to the truck driver protests to Ottawa and Windsor, caused by the continuing blockade, the government will take legal action, clear provisions in important infrastructure along the block vehicle traffic behavior is illegal, and offenders will be fined up to 100000 Canadian dollars (us $79000) fine,And faces up to a year in prison.Meanwhile, the government will take measures to protect international border crossings, major roads, airports, ports, Bridges and railways.Several days of trucker protests are reported to be spreading in Ontario and across Canada.More protests are expected in Toronto and other major cities in the near future.On January 15, the Canadian government announced a new regulation requiring truck drivers traveling between Canada and the United States to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination when entering Canada.Some Canadian and American truck drivers immediately expressed strong protest, then formed a convoy to Ottawa “march” and entered Ottawa on January 29.On February 6, Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson declared a city-wide state of emergency because the protests posed a serious threat to citizens’ safety.Editor in charge: Xiao Tian