Think you are old, time has suddenly been late

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Because missing people far away, no one appreciate, so lazy to dress up.Years spent in the thoughts, the appearance in the years old.Think you are old, time has been too late!”Bodhisattva man hill overlap gold Ming extinction” Tang Wen Tingjun hill overlap gold Ming extinction, temples cloud desire degree xiangshan snow.Lazy to draw eyebrows, do makeup and toilet late.Look at the mirror before and after the flower.Xintie Xiu Luo jacket, both golden partridge.This word describes the mood of a woman after getting up in the morning.Dark hair fluttered across her face.Draw his arched eyebrow lazily.Dressed in new velvets and coats, embroidered partridges seem ready to fly;The golden thread of a pair of partridges touched her tender love.Women dressed again gorgeous, but still see the golden partridge at that moment touched the heart, so gorgeous life, but lonely lonely.Look at the South of the Yangtze River, Tang wen Tingyun after a toilet, alone in the Tower.Over thousands of sails are not, oblique hui pulse water leisurely.Intestines broken white Apple Continent.Wen Tingjun describes a woman who hopes her husband to return with an empty pen.The woman finished her toilette and boarded the river building alone.However, countless boats in the past, when the sunset shines on the river, the woman’s sadness reached the extreme.Waiting is a real torture.”Bestie resentment” Tang · Wang Changling bestie young women do not know worry, spring makeup on the cui building.Suddenly see mo head willows color, regret teach husband to seek seal hou.Boudoir in the young woman has not had acacia parting sorrow, in the beautiful spring day, she carefully dressed, climbed tall buildings.Suddenly see the roadside willow spring, melancholy feeling welled up in my heart.She regretted that she had let her husband join the army.When youth is spent in waiting, how heartbreaking.”Line heavy line” anonymous line heavy line, and your health leave.Thousands of miles apart, each in heaven and one ya.The road is long and obstructed.Humayi north wind, more bird’s nest south branch.The day is far away, the belt day has been slow.Clouds cover the day, wanderers regardless.Think you are old, time has suddenly been late.Do not reply to the way, and strive to eat.Where in the world are wanderers away from home?The road is bumpy and difficult to meet.Besides, there are so many wars, we are as separated as we are dead.I miss you so, day by day, miss makes me thin, and in the twinkling of an eye, it is the end of the year.If you don’t come back, I will be old.The Appendix is dry and the sky is like water.I was there last night.The first moon is better than the best.Long to the full moon, looking at people.Luo’s clothes are in tatters.Old ideas who change.A spring from hate lazy tuning.Still have two lines of idle tears, bao Zheng before.The sky is as blue as water, and I was here last night leaning on the railings.People compare the bright moon to that good time, think that when the full moon, people will be reunited, I will lean on the column here looking forward to your return.The fragrance of her clothes is still there, but who let the wanderer change her original intention?Since a spring because of parting sorrow don’t hate lazy fu Zheng, the two lines because of idle sorrow and sad tears, a drop of dripping in the front of the treasure zheng.Song · Su Shi milk swallow fly huahu, silent no one, tong Yin to midday, cool new bath late.Hand-made xiao bai fan, fan hand like jade.Gradually sleepy lean, lonely sleep clear ripe.Who will push the curtain outside?Waste teaching people dream Yaotai song broken.But it is, the wind knock bamboo.Pomegranate half spit red towel cu, to float flower wave core do, accompany you alone.Luxuriant branch of resplendent study, luxuriant heart like bundle.Fear of being, the autumn wind surprised green.If you come here, you can’t stand the wine.Powder tears, two rustle.In the quiet summer afternoon, after bathing, the beautiful woman fell asleep while it was cool, and was awakened by the sound of bamboo blowing in the wind.Iraqis admire pomegranate flower, pity flower pity person, love is tender, to spend tears, acacia heartbroken.”Hua Wu”, “cool at night”, “make fan”, are set off and hint beauty of emptiness and loneliness and sigh sad feelings.”Mulberry · Baochai upstairs makeup comb late” Song · Lu You Baochai upstairs makeup comb late, lazy swing.Idle dial shen smoke.The wisp of gold is wide and the bun is partial.Scale hong does not send liaodong letter, and for years.Tears before the flowers.Sorrow into the spring breeze fourteen strings.This first spring sorrow, meaning to write people.If the night is languid, if the swing is lazy, if the crown is not perfect, if the dress is broad and the knot is slanted.The bad mood was due to the absence of visitors and the absence of letters for years.Thus before the flowers shed tears, lovesickness unceasingly.”Midnight Wu Song” Tang Li Bai Chang ‘an a month, ten thousand households pound clothes sound.The autumn wind blowing, always yuguan feelings.What day ping Hu Lu, beloved expedition?Chang ‘an city on a bright moon, thousands of households have come from bursts of sound of tamping clothes.The autumn wind blowing is endless, think of women to yumen pass of the feelings of continuous yearning.When can wipe out hu Lu, husband jun from now on no longer expedition?”Spring Boudoir” Tang Zhang Zhongsu madadayo city edge willow, green strangers sang.Carry cage forget to pick leaves, last night dream yu Yang.The city wall side yiyi willow, the roadside green young mulberry.Carrying the basket and forgetting to pick leaves, I dreamed of yu Yang last night.This poem describes the feelings of a wife missing her husband in the spring. At the beginning, the word “spring” was tightly clasped to write, showing the spring scenery of a school of countryside.The last two sentences change from scenery to person, depicting the close-up image of the heroine.Although the poem is short in length, it can be called a good work because of its ingenious conception, exquisite tailoring, typical scene selection, vivid portrayal of characters and far meaning.