Xinhua times review: The year of the Tiger, send you 3 happiness secrets

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Beijing, Jan. 31 (Xinhua) –The year of the Tiger, three secrets to Happiness Wang Mingyu, Xinhua News Agency reporter Red lanterns hung high, hot dumplings fragrance floating around…At this moment, whether you are home or not, I wish you a happy year of the Tiger.On wechat, many people shared their New Year gifts.A “family photo on the cloud” and a “prepared dinner” have become standard happy decorations for the Year of the Tiger.Today, I also give you three New Year gifts.Honghua town of Tancheng County, Linyi city, East China’s Shandong Province, Jan. 20, 2022.Xinhua News Agency (photo by Zhang Chunlei) The first gift is a “family map”.This Spring Festival, people and cares always have a way.A ticket, a package, series of our way home, comfort the wanderer’s heart and home.On the third Spring Festival under the epidemic, I miss my hometown more than ever, which is related to the overall stability of the epidemic prevention.In order to get together better in the future, we are willing to elongate our thoughts and celebrate the New Year on the spot.When the telephone spread the blessing of parents from afar, suddenly found himself still homesick……However, the flavor of The New Year will cross the mountains and seas and wait for you to sign for it.Mackerel stuffed dumplings, fragrant steamed pork, fried lotus root box, meatball…You have boxes full of your favorite food, and mom and Dad are trying to send you all they need is the fridge.Grow up sensible of you, also to parents reverse launch “health gift package”, neat send health.Constant care and care, the most sincere blessings and expectations, this “map” delivered heavy packages, but also heavy love.Human fireworks gas, the most touching people.Maybe years later, your parents will not remember the busy cooking, and you will forget how many strategies to choose gifts, but you will always remember the surprise and touch when you received the package, and that love gives you the courage and strength to live hard and ride the waves.Yes, whether it is distant parents, or children away from home, as long as you see you have a good, safe, happy, happy, caring heart can put down more than half.Young employees from the Chongqing passenger section of China Railway Chengdu Bureau Group Co., Ltd. and the public security department of Chongqing Railway pose for a group photo with passengers on the C451 train of the Northwest Ring Line in Chongqing, Southwest China’s Chongqing, Jan. 28, 2022.The second gift was a “progress guide”.Many people feel that it is not easy in the ugly year, but you have lived a glorious life in the ordinary life.This “guide” records your growth and writes about the happy and beautiful changes in society.”Cooking!It is a long story, but I feel a sense of accomplishment. I feel like an adult.”A senior girl who stayed in Beijing for the New Year cooked a meal for herself and her classmates with a local specialty sent by her parents. We talked about our plans after graduation and our bigger dreams from afar. It was also nice.Life needs struggle, and sometimes needs charging.From learning how to cook, to punching in museums, to going to the gym to burn fat…You will use the holidays to improve yourself and fuel the New Year.Before the Spring Festival, the Shenzhou 13 astronaut crew sent blessings from space 400 kilometers away.”I believe that there are many people like us who stick to their posts. It is countless ordinary sticks that converge into the torrent of Vigorous endeavor of China in the new era!”Not homesick, just for everyone.From the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau to the north and south of the Tianshan Mountains, you are the grass-roots cadres who brave the wind and snow to send warmth to the people;From the fields to the streets and communities, you are the power workers who guard the lights of thousands of families, and you are the rental Courier who sends people home;From the frontline of epidemic prevention to the traffic, you are the medical staff and police who protect health and safety.From the winter Olympic Stadium to the news scene, you are the ice dancer for the glory of the country, is to write The Times of reporters……Thank you, in order to let more people feel at ease warm heart have a good year, you shoulder responsibility, silently assist.You show us that even when life is hard, there’s always someone who comes for you, no matter what.It is you who make us believe that we are made up of countless “I’s” and that happiness is so within reach.Villagers perform a yangko dance in Chenjiaji village of Chenjia Town in Hezheng County, East China’s Hebei Province, Jan. 26, 2022.Xinhua News Agency reporter Fan Peishen photo the third gift, is a dream pass pass.In 2022, everyone’s dream will converge with the dream of the country, and the dreams you write with hard work will eventually become a symphony of the Chinese dream.In four days, we will realize our Olympic dream again.You and I, our generation, are so lucky!After 14 years, the Olympic flame has once again lit up the night sky of our great capital like a dream firework.More than a hundred years ago, our ancestors could only use the “Three Questions of the Olympic Games” to place the unreachable dream.Open the door of the New Year, a foot into the spring.When the soil was warm and the grass had lost its stirring spring, the dream became clearer.The hard work of farmers, looking forward to increasing the income of the road wider and wider;Children who are struggling outside hope to bring their other half to visit the elderly next year.Old people who toil all their lives want to enjoy their old age with their children and grandchildren;Young people who have just entered the workplace yearn for a broader stage of growth…Because you have a dream in your heart, you travel far and far without fear of fog and danger.Some people ask, how far is the distance between home and country?Someone answered, opening the door, it is a small home;Out of the house, it’s everybody.Home is the smallest country, the country is ten million.The striver of the new era knows the national conditions of the Spring Festival.The yearning for a better life, not only makes a “small family” reunion, but also connects the endless distance, countless people, condenses the strength of the motherland, and pushes a country, a nation to rush forward.In fact, every hard work you, is the best gift to the country.In the New Year, I wish our great motherland, beautiful mountains and rivers, good weather, peace and prosperity!Start again, facing the first ray of sunshine in the Year of the Tiger!