“I urge you to like me before it’s too late,” “Madame Rainie is the richest man,” “How can she be so hot?”

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“I advise you to love me as soon as possible” author: Ye Feiran article progress: 2020-07-25 end of the full text: 495798 words chapter number: 77 article type: original – love – modern modern – love work perspective: female lead work style: easy protagonist: Ning Wan, Fu ZhengReally, sooner or later, like me, don’t struggle.Lawyer in community was “exile” to the headquarter office of ning wan, learn the new “old age” male trainees Fu Zheng also suffered due to upset people, after the “exile” Allies immediately see it as a class, to his pot, fishing, all his life to the boss’s backstabbing salted fish JueXue properly grant, two people in the community * * chicken fly a dog to jump the legal cases of disputes with the learning progress,And be in ning Wan to this “weak chicken” subordinate gradually fall in love when, she discovers suddenly, this Fu Zheng…It seems that they are not exiled chickens, but senior partners who have just returned to China and are preparing to enter the head office.The work is humorous and hilarious, which changes the lofty image of lawyer elite and starts from a novel point of view. It shows the work and life of grassroots lawyers with a relaxed tone. There are various community cases, which are grounded and resonant, and the cases are full of discussion and topic, which also shows the significance of grassroots legal workers.”Mrs. Prime Minister is the Richest man” author: Liu ChengyinWu Weian;A brief introduction: Black lotus green tea double spell male master Reading Guide: 1.Money super much brother super much cold face daughter miss VS heart super dirty hands super malicious thigh super thick only super lack of money black lotus play essence male master;2. Could it be a joyful sand carving?Goldfinger is huge anyway;3. The emotional line is slow to heat up;4. If there is any discrepancy between the text and the copy, please take the main text as the main text;3. “How can I make her so sultry” by Xizi YichaoOriginal – love – Modern modern – Love perspective: Heroine work style: drama main character: Wen Ruan, speech of the banquet Content tag: rich family has a special preference sweet text: 1, cheongsams little goblins X false lofty master 2, love and marriage sweet text, childhood friends.Double C, unique to each other.Married daily sweet article, no special ups and downs of the plot.Wen Ruan has been weak since childhood to recuperate in the south, grandpa’s surgery, she went back to the north, again see childhood sweetheart fiance speech, the two families will again put their oral marriage on the agenda.Wen Ruan knew from urine that the speech of the banquet was tired of her, how could he marry her.However, they still get married soon after. After a series of events, they solve their childhood misunderstandings and finally open their hearts and accompany each other for a better future.The style of this article is concise, the text is delicate, the language is humorous and interesting, the interaction between the male and female protagonists is sweet, to the warm family as the tone of the daily small sweet article, the text is very relaxed, worth reading!Want to see more wonderful pediatrics pediatrics recommendation pediatrics pediatrics remember to pay attention to and praise the pediatrics pediatrics!!Your attention and likes are my biggest motivation, and I will keep tweeting to keep you away from book drought.