Shijiazhuang city civilization office director meeting to adhere to the normal creation of civilization to enhance literacy

2022-04-27 0 By

This network news (reporter Zhang Jingwen) February 16, the city’s civilization office director meeting held, in-depth study and implement the national, the province’s civilization office director meeting spirit, seriously implement the city’s propaganda ministers meeting requirements, summed up 2021 work, arrangement and deployment of 2022 spiritual civilization construction key tasks.Conference pointed out that in 2021, the city’s spiritual civilization construction work under the leadership of the municipal party committee of strong, conscientiously implement the spirit of the 11th party congress, to create normalized civilized city “ten” action and the national civilized city create work quality, and the “five crucial” action for the gripper, encourage strong participation in building spiritual civilization, and success in all fields of endeavor.To do a good job in the construction of spiritual civilization this year, we need to achieve the “three ones”, that is, to focus on the establishment of a national center for civilized cities, give priority to the normalization of the construction of civilized cities, and promote the construction of civilization practice centers (stations and stations) in the new era to cover the “one construction”.At the meeting, relevant departments of all counties (cities, districts) and municipalities should strengthen their sense of responsibility, identify weak links, make up for shortcomings in their work, formulate practical and feasible work plans, and clarify how to do it, what to do and how to do it.We should steadily promote the development of the whole region and the establishment of a regular basis, carry out regular key work such as the improvement of city appearance and environment, the improvement of traffic order, the renovation of old residential areas, and public service advertising, and extensively carry out a series of civilized and quality education activities such as civilized travel, civilized dog breeding, minors’ etiquette education, changing customs, and voluntary service.We will continue to build civilization practice centers (stations and stations) for the new era, and comprehensively improve the quality of citizens and the level of urban civilization.