During the Spring Festival, kenli District has launched a “winter defense” battle

2022-04-28 0 By

China shandong network – – shandong perception on February 5th, in order to strengthen the air quality during the Spring Festival and environmental security work, create peace, harmony festival environment, bureau of dongying city ecological environment kenley district branch of “not close” during the Spring Festival, we will continue to do all work of the ecological environment, to ensure that the winter air pollution prevention and control work carried out smoothly and orderly.The main leaders go into the front line of the enterprise, supervise and inspect key enterprises, and ensure that all control measures are fully implemented.Pay close attention to key areas and key links, leading team members to carry out encryption inspection of key gas-related enterprises, to ensure the normal operation of pollution treatment facilities, pollutant discharge standards.Strictly implement the system of stationing, arrange stationing personnel for key industrial enterprises, carry out round-the-clock inspection, and ask enterprises to rectify the problems immediately.Strengthen the analysis and analysis of online monitoring data, fully grasp the production situation of enterprises, effectively play the role of early warning, make quick response to the abnormal increase in the concentration of air pollutants, analyze the causes in a timely manner, and implement corrective measures.We will strictly control pollution from mobile sources, and work with transport and traffic police departments to carry out road inspections and inspections to ensure that exhaust gas emissions meet standards.