Gazebo “change shape” sunshine room, how to design just reasonable and practical

2022-04-28 0 By

At the beginning of the New Year, many families are beginning to consider renovating their homes, especially those with their own terraces. Looking at the empty terraces, they always feel that they should put them into use.When it comes to terrace transformation, the sun room must be the common choice of everyone, because the sun room is not only open vision, but also can not be affected by the weather to enjoy the nature.So the terrace “changes into” the sun room, how to design just reasonable and practical, today let’s have a chat.Before embarking on a terrace transformation, the most important thing to do is to plan your space.When it comes to planning, many people are at a loss. In fact, it simply means making plans, such as what the terrace will be used for after it is converted into a sun room, whether it will be used for planting green plants, killing leisure time, or whether it will be used as a gym and so on.Different uses, the sun room in the construction aspect is also different, the choice of glass thickness is also different.Terrace “change” in the process of the sun room, may also encounter these problems, such as tube does not allow modification, this is because the sunshine house owner did not communicate with property in place, due to the modification may involve changes in the structure of the original building, etc, may affect bearing of the building, so as to shorten the service life of the building,Therefore, it is necessary to communicate with the property in advance to ensure safety before construction.The next thing to mention is how to deal with the problem of water leakage after the terrace “transforms” into a sun room.Because the sun room leakage has always been a problem that has troubled a lot of residents, want the sun room does not leak, in the choice of materials must not be taken lightly, some materials are not anticorrosive, and the sun room is in the sun and rain environment, so the use of a long time will inevitably leak.Suggest everybody must choose regular sunshine room special material.To gazebo “change shape” sunshine room, how to design just reasonable and practical this problem, have standard answer very hard actually, because the demand of each family is different, small make up thinks, be fond of in ensuring safety, do not leak below the circumstance, go designing according to oneself and need is the most reasonable, practical.So the transformation of the sun room needs to find a professional team, with the most appropriate transformation plan, to professional transformation technology, in order to have quality assurance.Sun room “nine leaks”, there is no leakage of the sun room, glass sun room how to do waterproof sun room decoration skills to share, so installed out of the sun room next-door neighbors envy sun room not glass roof also called sun room?You don’t have to worry about insulation as long as you choose the right material