On New Year’s Eve, CAI Qi Chen Jining visited residents of the sealing community

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The Spring Festival and Winter Olympics are coming, Beijing Daily reported.In the early morning of The New Year’s Eve, CAI Qi, secretary of the CPC Municipal Committee, inspected and arranged the preparations for the Winter Olympics, epidemic prevention and control, and urban operation guarantee during the Spring Festival through a video system. He also visited the cadres and staff who were on the frontline and sent them New Year’s greetings.He stressed that the Spring Festival of this year is different from previous ones, and the public should enjoy the festival on the premise of epidemic prevention, while sparing no efforts to ensure the safe and smooth hosting of the Winter Olympics as scheduled.All government departments and units at all levels must resolutely shoulder their responsibilities, ensure that officials are on duty and people celebrate the Winter Olympics, coordinate preparations for the Winter Olympics during the Spring Festival, prevent and control the epidemic, and ensure urban operation, so that the public can enjoy the Festival and welcome the Winter Olympics.Chen Jining, deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, Zhang Yankun, deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and deputy Director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress checked the scheduling together.To meet the needs of epidemic prevention and control, some communities in The city have been closed or controlled, and the city has made special arrangements for residents in the closed (managed) control area to enjoy a good holiday.CAI Qi and Chen Jining first went to Yilan Yuan District 1, Yuquanying Street, Fengtai District. The city, district and street prepared rice, cooked food, meat, eggs and milk, fresh fruits and vegetables, flowers and other “New Year gift packages” for residents.CAI asked about the implementation of community prevention and control measures and the provision of services for residents, expressed condolences to those working on the front line of epidemic prevention and control, waved to community residents undergoing nucleic acid tests and extended Spring Festival greetings to them.”It is not easy for the residents of the containment communities,” CAI said. “You have shown great understanding and consideration for the overall situation, and have given understanding, support and cooperation to epidemic prevention and control. We thank you for your efforts.”Disease control workers, community workers, cadres at the grassroots level, volunteers and other frontline epidemic prevention workers are working the hardest. You have given up your small homes to protect the safety of the people, and have conveyed the warmth of the Party Committee and the government to the residents. I would like to pay tribute to your dedication.The territory should think about what the masses want, be anxious about what the masses are anxious about, take good care of the lives of the residents, prepare all kinds of materials, enrich cultural life, so that everyone can have a good festival at home.We will promptly respond to residents’ complaints to help solve practical difficulties, and pay special attention to special groups such as the elderly, the weak, the sick and the disabled to demonstrate our humanistic care.In cold weather, we need to care for front-line epidemic prevention workers, do a good job in personal protection and keeping warm, and make reasonable arrangements for rest.Later, CAI went to the Beijing Security Command Center of the General Security Headquarters of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games to listen to the report on the security work of the Winter Olympic Games, and sent a New Year’s greetings to the public security officers through a video link.”Stick to the task and make sure everything is done right.”To the independent media center, Beijing Winter Olympic village and signed hotels on duty police oath sonorous.CAI qi said that security work runs through the whole process of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, and the public security police are shouldered with heavy responsibilities.The capital public security is an excellent iron army, to strengthen the unified command and coordination, adhere to science and technology to empower, always maintain strong morale and combat effectiveness, with tiger tiger vigorous wind, complete the task of service guarantee, effectively as the loyal guard of the Party and the people, and make new achievements.CAI Qi stressed in the video dispatch and on-site inspection and condolation, epidemic prevention and control does not have a holiday, to implement all prevention and control measures, continue to do a good job in the screening and control of risk personnel, strictly implement the policy of returning to Beijing, organize warm activities to the residents of centralized medical observation points, closed (control) area.All kinds of public places should not be crowded, do not gather, to prevent the spread of the epidemic risk.We will ensure that the Winter Olympics are safe and exciting and full of the flavor of the Chinese New Year.We need to ensure adequate supplies of daily necessities, ensure that household dishes do not rise in price, that New Year’s Eve dinners are delivered to people’s homes, and that take-away food is delivered all the time. We need to ensure that festive cultural activities are well arranged so that people enjoy the New Year with joy.We need to ensure urban operation, maintain the “lifeline” of cities such as water, electricity and heat, ensure public transport capacity, and strictly implement the responsibility system for workplace safety.All districts, departments and units should strictly implement 24-hour leadership, on-duty and other systems, and deal with emergencies in the first place, so that the public can spend a happy, peaceful and healthy Spring Festival.Lei Haichao, Qi Jing, Sun Meijun, Chen Jian, Zhang Jiaming, Zhang Jiandong, Lu Yan, Wang Hong, Yang Jinbai, Qi Yanjun, Jin Wei, Tan Xuxiang, Yu Luming, Han Zirong, the secretary general of the Municipal government dai Binbin attended.And New Year’s Eve evening, The Party secretary CAI Qi in the core area emergency command center through video system connection Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympic Winter Games operation command dispatch center, Zhangjiakou competition area and traffic operation support group, check the containment community epidemic prevention work, and came to the grassroots police station to check the night on duty,Condolences to those working on the front lines of preparations for the Winter Olympics, epidemic prevention and control, and urban operation.CAI qi extended his New Year greetings to the staff still working hard in the preparations for the Winter Olympics, saying that the New Year’s Eve, though busy and tense, is of great significance and worth remembering.We must carry forward the spirit of continuous operations, do all our work in fine detail, adhere to the problem-oriented, draw lessons from each other, and make up for shortcomings. We will do our best to ensure a simple, safe and wonderful Winter Olympics.City leaders have been concerned about the majority of residents in the containment area.CAI Qi line on duty in fengtai District Yihai garden community district street cadres.How well do residents eat their New Year’s Eve dinner? Are all kinds of living materials complete?CAI qi made detailed inquiries, saying that residents have made contributions to epidemic prevention, and we will do everything possible to make everyone’s New Year a happy and enjoyable one.Cadres should be more hard to send warm activities organized, the people’s lives settled, the community environment maintained, so that residents can also live a peace of mind, comfortable, warm heart of the Spring Festival.At the Fuyou Street police station, CAI qi inspected the command and dispatch platform and intelligent police workstation, visited the police officers on duty, and wished everyone a happy New Year.’You shoulder the important responsibility of standing up and keeping sentry posts for the Party and the people,’ he said. ‘You can feel the light and heat from every police officer.’We must carry forward the glorious revolutionary tradition and conduct ourselves in a rigorous manner, resolutely shoulder our political responsibility, strengthen police through science and technology, focus on improving our actual combat capacity, and serve as guardians of the Red Wall.Qi Jing, Zhang Jiaming, Zhang Jiandong, Qi Yanjun, Jin Wei, Yu Luming and Han Zirong, municipal leaders and leaders of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, attended.Edit Yang Li