The automatic bag dispensing machine will promote shopping without disposable plastic bags, are you ready?

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The revised Measures for the Classification and Management of Urban Household Garbage in Henan Province will come into effect on March 1 this year.Article 16 of chapter 3 (Source reduction) stipulates that production, sale and use of non-degradable disposable plastic products are prohibited according to law.Market and supermarket shopping are the most common application scenarios of disposable plastic bags. What are the alternatives of disposable plastic bags?Zhengzhou already can degrade environmental protection bag pilot operation how?On February 10, dahe Daily video reporter visited a large farmers’ market on Shuike Road in Jinshui District and saw that shops would provide disposable plastic bags for free, whether they were buying vegetables or meat.”Vegetables can also be put in shopping baskets or cloth bags, meat, loose rice, grains, no plastic bags inconvenient.”Citizen Cao said.”Hello, do you need a shopping bag?”Supermarket checkout, the cashier will generally take the initiative to ask consumers.In Zhengzhou, customers have to buy disposable plastic bags at their own expense at supermarkets such as Denys All-day Fresh and Oldford.Disposable plastic bags are divided into small bags and large bags. Generally, the unit price of small bags is 0.3 yuan, and the unit price of large bags is 0.4 yuan or 0.6 yuan.Dahe Daily video reporter yu observed at the cash register that customers who buy more goods generally buy disposable plastic bags at their own expense, while those who buy less are most likely not to buy disposable plastic bags.Pilot free plastic free shopping bags do you know how to get?What are the alternatives to disposable plastic bags?Biodegradable bags are a good choice.It is understood that degradable environmental protection bags use plant fiber plastic materials, mainly with plant straw (such as: wheat straw, bean straw, sorghum straw, peanut vine, etc.) as raw materials, made by unique technology, environmental protection and easy to degrade.In the Hameke supermarket near tianlun Road, Zhongzhou Avenue, Jinshui District, Zhengzhou city, there are two automatic bag dispensing machines at the cashier’s desk, providing free biodegradable bags.No APP download, no registration, no charge, citizens can scan on wechat to receive.At noon on February 10, Dahe Daily · Yu Vision reporters came here, on-site observation found that some citizens have taken the initiative to receive this bag of environmental protection.The reporter used wechat to scan the QR code on the machine, followed the official account and clicked the link, and a degradable environmental bag was spit out. The whole process took about 30 seconds.”We have set up three trials in Zhengzhou, with two machines in each trial, consuming about 1,000 bags a day and 30,000 bags a month.””Plastic free Earth” zhengzhou city manager Li Liang said.It is understood that, in addition to the supermarket pilot, Li Liang also set up machines in four communities in Zhengzhou, each community 1 machine, the utilization rate is low, each machine about “spit” 50 bags every day.River Newspaper yu video reporters learned that, in addition to the “no plastic earth”, Zhengzhou market there are cloud bags, wisdom enjoy bags, 360 bags of small treasure and other institutions in the promotion of degradable environmental bags.Pain point environmental protection awareness is weak low penetration rate of environmental protection bag equipment interview, He Newspaper yu video reporter learned that the promotion of degradable environmental protection bag also has the following pain points.On the one hand, public awareness of environmental protection needs to be improved.In daily life, such as market, supermarket shopping, restaurant take-out packaging, disposable plastic bags are very common.During the interview, even in supermarkets with biodegradable bags, many customers habitually buy disposable plastic bags instead of using biodegradable bags for free.In addition, the comprehensive popularization of degradable environmental protection bags needs greater efforts.For example, although Zhengzhou has established a number of pilot projects from 2021, the popularization is not strong in the last half year, and the customer usage has not increased in a spurt, and it is still not easy to find degradable environmental bags when shopping or ordering take-out food.It is expected that not using disposable plastic bags will become a habit. “Clear water and green mountains are gold and silver mountains”. Tackling plastic pollution is not only the responsibility of the government, but also a common cause of the whole society, requiring the joint participation of enterprises, social organizations and the general public.On October 22, the 7th G22 Green Summit was held in Zhengzhou.The original intention of the conference site selection is also to cooperate with the government’s “ban plastic action”, enhance the enterprise “no plastic” ability, improve the public awareness of environmental protection.”The henan province policy especially for power, civil environmental protection consciousness to keep up with, you can think about it, not long after, food and beverage packaging delivery without the use of non-biodegradable plastic shopping bags, do not use non-biodegradable disposable plastic straw, people shopping also need not disposable plastic bags, everyone consciously not to use disposable plastic bags into habits.”Li liang said.He also said that in 2021, affected by floods and epidemics, the popularity of degradable environmental bags will be affected to a certain extent, and this year will be fully free paving.Source: Dahe Daily