Henan has studied and issued a “1+3” package of policy documents supporting enterprise rescue

2022-04-29 0 By

This morning (February 9th), the information Office of henan Provincial Government held a press conference on “package” policies and measures to promote the steady and healthy development of economy in Henan Province.Reporters learned at the press conference that in order to achieve the goal of a good start to economic development and a red year, the provincial Party Committee and the provincial government, based on grasping early and grasping solid results, studied and issued a “1+3″ package of policy documents to support the rescue of enterprises.”1″ is the Notice on Further Doing a good job in helping Enterprises to Promote the Steady and Healthy Development of Economy. It exempts and delays taxes and fees for small and micro enterprises, gives financial rewards to industrial enterprises with full production capacity, and increases support to enterprises in the aspects of emergency loan transfer and financing guarantee.”3” respectively “support the development of the small business enterprise is individual and industrial and commercial door recovery measures”, the promotion of small industrial enterprises “scale of the implementation opinions on the support high-quality specialization,” new “small and medium enterprises development policies and measures, from the online platform for commissions, lowering the cost of the rent, utility and gradient cultivation plan, a significant innovation to the enterprise implement project award, etc.,Put forward more in-depth and detailed policy measures in different fields, and cooperate with each other to form policy synergy.