A giant gold mine on Mars?Live video footage in the network explosion, why not human mining?

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“Mars is full of gold?”Mars is the closest planet to Earth and the most likely destination for future human colonization.A video showing the discovery of “gold” on Mars has gone viral on social media.A short video purportedly taken from NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover has been posted on social media, with the author stating that “gold is clearly visible in these cracks in the Martian rock”.Indeed, it is clear from the video that there is a grid of irregular golden material on the surface of Mars, which looks very much like gold embedded in cracks in Martian rock. The “gold” does indeed have a gold-like sheen in the video.Other images show that the golden stuff is still scattered across many areas, and there are even attractive chunks of “dog’s head gold” exposed directly on the desolate surface of Mars.The photo’s provenance did come from NASA’s Curiosity rover.The images were taken after the Rover had spent 925 days on Mars since it launched from Earth in November 2011 and landed on the surface in August 2011.The myth that Mars is full of gold has been around for a long time.But those rumors have never been officially confirmed, and NASA has never publicly claimed to have found gold on Mars.So is this stuff really gold?Could there be gold on Mars?First, we need to find out if there is a possibility of gold on Mars, and the answer is yes.There’s a lot of scientific research showing that gold was formed when big stars died and exploded. It started out as dust and gas, and when the Earth was forming, some of the more dense gold sank into the core.And when the geology is active, it is spewed to the surface through the crater.Since Mars and Earth are close relatives, and both formed at very similar times and processes, it is highly likely that this will happen on Mars as well.Therefore, the possibility of gold on Mars cannot be ruled out.In fact, confirming the existence of Mars is a simple matter for NASA, which can use spectrometers on the Curiosity Rover to determine whether the metal is gold or not.However, why NASA has been so slow to prove, there is naturally a “small mind” of the United States.At the very least, if it were gold on Mars, there would be no need to mine it, and the cost of mining and transporting it would far outweigh its value.