Apple has reclassified former employee Cher Scarlett’s job title as “assistant.”

2022-04-30 0 By

Cher Scarlett, the #AppleToo organizer, said she didn’t get a new job because Apple unilaterally changed the job titles of former employees, meaning her resume no longer matches Apple’s record.Before leaving Apple, Cher Scarlett was one of the early founders of the #AppleToo movement.Since leaving the company, apple, which she opposed, has tried to get her to sign an NDA and has now uncovered one of the company’s bizarre business practices.According to the Washington Post, Apple revises its public records of job titles once people leave the company.Whatever their actual job title was when they were hired, Apple reportedly changed it to “assistant.”This can be a measure of secrecy, and if a team leaves at the same time, it becomes harder to determine their working patterns.But whatever Apple’s reasoning, Scarlett says the result was a company rescinding her job offer.A job verification service was reportedly unable to verify her resume because of the change.Verification was delayed for nearly a week, during which time the company withdrew its offer.The Post reported that an Apple spokesman confirmed that the company had changed its job title to assistant “for years,” but did not provide an explanation.”We are and remain firmly committed to creating and maintaining a positive and inclusive workplace,” the spokesperson explained.”We take all concerns seriously, and whenever concerns are raised, we thoroughly investigate them, and out of respect for the privacy of any individual concerned, we do not discuss specific employee matters.”This week America’s state finance ministers asked the Securities and Exchange Commission to investigate Apple’s use of NDAs to control its employees.