Project replication in multiple countries!Decathlon and Gizka jointly promote the upgrade of e-commerce smart logistics in Europe

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Geek+, the global LEADER in AMR, and Decathlon, the world’s leading sporting goods retail group, jointly announced that hundreds of AMR robots will be deployed in decathlon’s three order distribution centers in Europe to realize the transformation and upgrading of e-commerce intelligent logistics.This not only opens a new chapter in the cooperation between Decathlon and Gizka in Europe, but also another important milestone in the replication of our successful experience from China to the world.The three distribution centres modernised are in Castelnau, ł od ź, Poland and Campania, Italy.With its advanced AMR robotics and AI technology, Jizhi provides decathlon with high flexibility, enabling decathlon to improve storage capacity, simplify logistics and better serve the growing number of online consumers in these regions.Giz ł od ź – As long-term partners, giZ and Decathlon have been working together in Asia since 2018 with excellent results.This time, the two sides joined hands again and completed the intelligent logistics upgrade of the warehouse in many European countries in six months.Sebastien Alcasena, Logistics Transformation Manager, Decathlon
“In the past two years, online consumer demand has been growing and e-commerce development has reached a turning point.We are always committed to providing high quality service to our customers.As an outstanding partner, Jizhijia provides us with highly flexible and scalable solutions that meet customers’ expectations.We look forward to joining forces to explore and continue to lead the transformation and upgrading of Smart logistics in Europe.”Consumers have put forward higher requirements for e-commerce: high frequency of e-commerce orders and returns, high timeliness of expecting same-day or next-day delivery, and near perfect high accuracy, all bring new challenges to the retail industry.Decathlon has 1,045 stores in 25 Countries in Europe. It is in urgent need of a flexible and fast supply chain to break through logistics bottlenecks, and Gizecia’s delivery solution meets decathlon’s need to optimize B2C logistics capacity.”Decathlon attaches great importance to its global scalability when seeking automation partners to cope with the rapid growth and challenges of e-commerce business,” said Jian Zhang, vice president of Gizma Europe.Giza is uniquely positioned to support Decathlon’s global development goals.In the past, Gizmo has been instrumental in decathlon’s successful landing of several projects in China and other Asia Pacific regions, as well as the double-digit growth in warehouse order processing.”Decathlon’s order distribution center In Castelnau, France has developed a unique robot solution for each decathlon order distribution center, using hundreds of Decathlon P-series picking robots.The number and configuration of robots in decathlon order distribution centers can be flexibly adjusted to easily cope with fluctuations in order volume during peak seasons.In addition, geizhika AMR system can provide flexible maintenance and adjustment for decathlon without affecting its normal operation.This cooperation is a new beginning for Decathlon and Gizka in the road of intelligent logistics in Europe.In the future, both parties will work together to deepen and expand cooperation in more areas, and the adoption of Gizecia AMR robot and AI technology has become a new standard for Decathlon to provide international e-commerce services.Decathlon is the world’s leading sporting goods retail group. It was founded in 1976 by Michel
Mr. Leclercq was founded in France.Decathlon’s mission is to benefit people and the planet by making sports accessible.Decathlon focuses on the mass sports market and has opened more than 2,000 physical stores in more than 60 countries and regions around the world. With the whole industry chain business of design, research and development, production, branding, logistics and retail, Decathlon ranks no. 1 in the mass sports industry worldwide.With innovative ideas and the whole industry chain model to provide cost-effective products for the public.In China, Decathlon has settled in more than 100 cities, and has achieved a complete layout of the whole industry chain, and continues to popularize the mass movement.Geek+ as a global LEADER in AMR, Geek+ provides a full range of logistics robot product lines and solutions, enabling enterprises to achieve intelligent logistics upgrade.According to Interact
According to Analysis’s market research report, Gizmo has ranked first in the global AMR market share for three consecutive years.Currently, extremely ZhiJia has over 30 multinational global sales, operations and service ability, service Yu Di card nong, Nike, wal-mart, Toyota, Siemens, BMW and so on over 500 major customers, including over 40 world top 500 enterprises, the project covers electricity, retail, shoes, clothing, medicine, 3 pl, new energy, automotive, 3 c industries,The scale of commercial landing leads the industry.Disclaimer: the market has the risk, the choice needs to be careful!This article is for reference only, not for sale basis.