Thousands of employees have “disappeared” overnight and are now afraid to return home

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According to the latest Bloomberg billionaires list, Zhao changpeng is ranked 11th in the world with 609.8 billion yuan.Soon, it aroused great public concern.Through in-depth understanding, Zhao Changpeng is through binance cut leek cut out more than 600 billion value.However, thousands of binance employees “disappeared” overnight, and binance is illegal in China, so that Zhao Changpeng is still afraid to return to China after immigrating to Vancouver.Zhao Changpeng was born in Jiangsu province. His family is in good economic condition. His father is a college teacher.When Zhao was 12 years old, his family immigrated to Vancouver.Zhao Changpeng majored in computer in university, and engaged in a career related to finance after graduation.In a poker game, Zhao Changpeng learned about bitcoin from poker friends, and decided to buy coins at the instigation of the other side.He also sold his house to invest.At that time, binance also appeared in China, but the country did not recognize this way of investment.Just at this time, Zhao Changpeng investment security valuation higher, but also on the cover of a well-known magazine.It is reported that Sequoia capital will also fight for the share of Zhao Changpeng sued the court.After many months of discussion, the lawsuit failed, Zhao Changpeng is more inclined to IDG.Sequoia Capital is suing Zhao Changpeng, the main contradiction is sequoia capital shares 11%, binance valuation is 80 million DOLLARS.If Zhao Changpeng invests in IDG, binance will be valued as high as $1 billion.When it comes to the coin world, many people associate Musk, a wealthy businessman who was once a keen investor in Dogecoin.It is reported that Zhao Changpeng and Marcus have exchanged words.The latter questioned Zhao Changpeng’s malicious intentions towards dogecoin users, but Zhao Changpeng did not admit that he was responsible for the dogecoin wallet.To Marcus’ annoyance, Zhao also publicly retweeted negative news about Tesla.The mutual hatred between the two businessmen was nothing but a farce in the eyes of outsiders. It is reported that the value of dogcoin skyrocketed at that time, and investors had to invest through Binance.But in China, binance is illegal.Binance has gradually reduced its business in mainland China since 2017.Binance once had more than 4,000 employees, who basically worked at home and went on business trips as soon as they joined the company. There was no entity company.Later, the Binance scandal was exposed. Not only China was boycotting, but the whole world was cleaning up this kind of virtual investment. Thousands of binance employees “disappeared” overnight.Even the United States began to investigate zhao changpeng’s companies for money laundering and tax evasion.Binance is currently illegal in most countries in the world, but some people believe that if Zhao changpeng can get a country to approve such an investment method, he could start his own company and be worth more than Musk and possibly become the richest person in the world.Zhao Changpeng is not without efforts, in order to win the recognition of France, he once spent 100 million euros.Then came the United Arab Emirates, where Dubai took an interest.To enlist dubai’s support, Zhao bought a house there.So far, Zhao Changpeng dare not return to China, but still declared that he hoped binance would be recognized.However, from the perspective of the attitude of various countries, regulators still do not like Binance.Have to say, cut leek, international should be no one dare and Zhao Changpeng in the same breath.However, no matter whether Binance can obtain international recognition in the later stage, Zhao Changpeng paid a great price.Others may think it is not worth doing so, but zhao Changpeng does not think so, because in his opinion, Binance has become his lifelong struggle, so it must be unbearable to give up.