70 years old Zhang Jizhong was shocked to fall horse “head broken faint”!Seaside accident…The tender wife responded

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Zhang Jizhong, a 70-year-old mainland director best known for directing Jin Yong’s martial arts dramas, divorced his former wife in 2016 and married his assistant Du Xinglin, who is 31 years younger than his former wife, the following year.He just 7 days in the community exposure and his wife to the seaside riding a romantic film, only to be shocked to fall the horse sent to the hospital, to this, Du Xinglin also personally instead of her husband to respond.Zhang’s family life with his wife, who is 31 years younger, has drawn much attention.(figure/turn taken since the trill, zhang jizhong) zhang jizhong recently during the Chinese New Year holiday, with his wife to sanya tourism, had led to two horses and wife play a romantic walk at the beach, however, has claimed to be the assistant of netizen has, zhang jizhong accidentally fell from his horse on the same day, also hit the stone, head faint on the spot, he was rushed to hospital,Netizens exclaim, “How can I stand the fall at the age of 70?” and “Are you okay?”Zhang Jizhong took his wife on a trip to Sanya.(figure/turn taken from zhang jizhong couple trill, weibo) riding after news spreads, some netizens to zhang jizhong couples jointly run trill message enquiries, fishing out Du Xing personally said, in addition to its individual published content and information platform, other all is a rumor, “for a lot of I don’t explain, don’t respond, just disdain, too busy to notice, life is your own,It has nothing to do with anyone else. Thank you for your caring and support.”Du Xinglin responds to Zhang Jizhong’s fall from a horse.(figure/turn taken from zhang jizhong couple trill) although not learned that zhang jizhong himself or Du Xing response netizen message, but the account is basically run by a woman, nearly two days still continuously updated in sanya play movie, does not seem to be affected by any, indirect proof zhang jizhong riding rumor is not the case, also let care about zhang jizhong netizens took heart.