Barcelona’s former prince explodes in controversial comments.Messi is very surprised, fan: still hate king of the ball

2022-05-01 0 By

As for Messi’s career at Barcelona, it seems to be going well at the moment.But Messi has weathered several dangerous periods, including his relationship with Bojan, Barcelona’s former crown prince, which many fans have discussed.Bojan, the 31-year-old former Barcelona boss, also talked about Messi in an interview.Bojan: “I am not the next Messi, I am not a double for anyone, just like Messi is not Ronaldinho, for me Ronaldinho is the best player of all time!And I do not regret the things of that year, everyone will only do things according to the current basis, I was very young and did not have much experience and knowledge at that time!Bojan’s controversial comments also caused a lot of discussion among the fans, after all, he was Barcelona’s Gathai-supported crown prince.There was a lot of talk at the time that local players wanted Bojan to replace Messi.They campaigned frantically for Bojan, but in the end Messi was the ace of the team with his performance and ability.And Boyang is high open low walk, finally from Messi successor gradually opened a wandering career.Boyang in this interview is obviously with messi’s unconvinced, he said Messi is not Ronaldinho, Ronaldinho is the best player is clearly not to the king of face.Messi knew that his little brother, now are still dissatisfied with their own I’m afraid is also very unexpected.Fans said: “Bojan still hates the king, but the root cause is his own lack of strength, even if Messi is not in Barcelona, he has no chance to become an ace.”