Uzi’s comeback a mistake?Training games can not play, very low reputation, full eye edge ranking

2022-05-01 0 By

Since Uzi announced his comeback, eyes have been on the BLG team’s starting lineup.I thought the announcement of his comeback would be a good thing, a way to take his career to the next level, but Uzi seems to have stumbled.Most of the crowd wanted Uzi to play.Uzi’s fans want him to find his form on the court, to show that he can shut down blackspots.And the dog black hopes that he will be humiliated by the existing AD.But things didn’t work out. Whether it was Doggo’s form or Uzi’s poor form, Uzi was never able to play.And these days, not only are there no games, but there are also no training games.On the other hand, BLG didn’t lose by signing Uzi. They didn’t sign Uzi for success.- Uzi’s current ranking is not very high, with a weekly win rate of 45% and a monthly and yearly win rate of just over 50%.Not to mention a good professional player, even a well-known passer-by player, this is a very low chance of winning.I believe that regular players know that just over 50% of the winning rate is the most ordinary player.A Rank does not necessarily mean a good race, but a player with a bad Rank generally does a bad race.A low winning percentage suggests Uzi is in poor form.And he is now ranked any situation, whether the dog black or dog fans all know that the mentality is very bad, a not happy put rotten, scold others is an actor.This mentality, playing 9 years of career if there is no progress, mentality three years, then it may become a team time bomb.When he was on the air, he was extremely angry, and swearing was a common occurrence.A comparison can be made between him and Viper’s live broadcast. Regardless of the technology, EZ, who is also against the wind, has a better mentality and finally turns the tide against the wind. Uzi returns to the city in a high way in the opposite view, and is pulled by the robot under the tower.Of course, we can understand that he does have actors, and then the return can not find the state of the year, coupled with the platoon teammates will not take him as the core to keep the resource tilt, this sense of difference plus the mentality itself is not good, it is easy to get poor mentality.Although Uzi’s live streaming popularity is still not low, it is still much lower than before.The audience can compare his previous popular guests, although the popularity is not the number of people, but the decline can also explain the problem.And he’s barely speaking in the studio.A year ago, the word of mouth fell to the freezing point of “Lone Swimmer”, ignited the whole network dog black enthusiasm, the author just displayed some GSL facts, let them can not stand.Uzi’s reputation is low, in addition to his own mentality is not good, then will not rosy this kind of reason, a large part of the reason comes from GSL.This fanatical group seems to be in a trance, oblivious to the facts and outspoken, best at exporting against the wind, and basically hated by fans of other LPL teams and players.They say fans don’t behave like idols, but idols aren’t so good either, are they?And is Tib wronged by saying so?We don’t know how Uzi’s comeback is going to end.From now on, it was a wrong decision.The only way to get it back is to get in shape, get out there, put a couple of good wins on the line, and then get a good result.From now strong teams like clouds of LPL, and then to the world, this goal is not easy ah.