Zhang Zhilin returned to Hong Kong to promote the new drama, the first positive response to his son and a blonde girl romance rumors

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This paper drama club editor said: red heart xiao built without authorization it is forbidden to reprint, found a copycat complaints will be cut in “family honor” since the broadcast Hong Kong dramas, get a lot of netizens, supporting although recently member version has lead in MSC, but the audience discuss degree remains high, and the end gallen lo appeared, and give the audience a lot of surprise.More careful users, show there are eggs, eggs seems to be the role of gallen lo make things, so a lot of people think it is a party to prepare for a sequel, from the perspective of the result of the current series, sequel actually it’s not a surprise, but if gallen lo can appear as a character, believe that will set off a upsurge after drama.Seeing such good results in China, TVB has also bought the rights to broadcast the series, which will be aired next month.In order to let a great force some, big stage also specially invited a lot of leading actors to do publicity to TV city, Zhang Zhilin, Huang Hao Ran, Luo Zi yi, Xiong Dailin, Guo Zhenghong and other people all appear.It is reported that the heroine Yang Xiyao is still at home in order to keep a good body so failed to appear, but she is through her husband Luo Ziyi said the new play has such a result feel happy.For Internet users refer to earlier Yang Qianyao nose have a trace of the whole, because from the play a scene can clearly see her nose in the pervious to light, this Luo Zi overflow also responded, he claimed that he did not give special attention to the related news, because they always as propaganda lace news titles for the episodes, so don’t care about you.More importantly, Luo believes that such news is a good thing to show that people are paying attention to the show.The idea is so positive, it seems to mix so many years of entertainment, luo Zi yi see a lot of things are very thorough.Luo Ziyi had asked to add intimate play, for their own this move, he thinks it is normal, because everything is to make the role become more reasonable, after all, he and Li Caihua this couple is more fun, so more intimate interaction between husband and wife will make the character more three-dimensional.And Luo Zi yi more self-exposure will be his life with his wife to get along with a bit to join the play, from this, private they two husband and wife is very sweet, no wonder net friends call envy.When questioned Luo Zi overflow say there will be continue to chase you gave birth to the kid’s idea, not only that, he also urged zhang continue to spell two foetuses, beside which know zhang a face of startled, smile said her age are not small, so there is no this idea, but zhang don’t deny yourself together like B, admitted and little guy to get along with very happy.Last year has been busy in the mainland Zhang Zhilin recently also just returned to Hong Kong, this time in addition to family reunion, but also to work, because he received a new play.He will not be able to return to the mainland until May when he finishes his work in Hong Kong.Busy for so long, the back to the port of zhang proves some relaxation of entertainment, of course, one of his favorite, of course, is playing mahjong, but haven’t played because it is over, so he said some unfamiliar, a few days ago to play for a few, lost a lot, although lost but don’t feel love dearly, it seems that he really want to have a contact mahjong next relationship.With his son magic child has always been nothing zhang Zhilin was asked about each other earlier in the amusement park with the news of the blonde girl, he said he had heard of this matter, but as for his son and girl love, Zhang Zhilin is not known, because he is very busy this time, can not psychological points these things.But he thinks we don’t need to enlarge the son’s privacy, after all, he is not in the circle, so I hope to give him some personal space, xiaobian also agree with Zhang Zhilin’s idea, so we eat melon daily even, there is no need to keep chasing the event to get to the bottom of the matter, isn’t it?