New era civilization practice in rugao | didn’t “smoke flavor”, more “fresh air”!

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“Listen to Lao Yang speak as the bamboo board ticks;Burning incense, smoke, fume eyes like rain…”On February 1, the first day of the Lunar New Year, the interchange reporter was driving in the ancient city of Rugao when the sound of allegro in a bright rhyme came from the car radio.At 9:30 a.m., interchange reporter came to Rugao Water Painting Garden scenic spot, just parked the car met Zhang Jianguo.Lao Zhang and his in-laws from Wuhan had just finished their special morning tea and were preparing to enter the garden for a visit. “On the first day of the Year of the Tiger, with a new atmosphere, it is much easier to park cars and there is no need to hide from ‘incendiary bombs’.”The “incendiary bomb” in Lao Zhang’s mouth refers to the burning of incense sticks during festivals.In Nantong, including the central Jiangsu area, burning incense is the habit of many people.Old Zhang told the interchange reporter that in the past, in front of shops and residential areas along the street during festivals, there would be rows of incense sticks one after another, which were more than one meter high. The smoke was overflowing and the smell was choking. The burning incense ash blew with the wind and easily caused a fire.Zhang, who runs an upholstery shop in downtown Rugao, used to buy pugnac incense on the eve of the Spring Festival, saving it for the first and fifth days of the New Year for “good fortune.””In the past, we used to light a few sticks of incense at home by ourselves. Later, we switched to incense sticks. In recent years, it has become more and more ‘high’.”The fire burned all day long. If I started in the morning, it was still burning that night.”One side of the sanitation workers Wang Guolan helplessly said that some ash looks like burning, in fact, has not been completely extinguished, the internal temperature is very high.During the Spring Festival holiday, Wang Guolan is troubled by fireworks and firecrackers like chicken feathers all over the ground, which is difficult to clean up.”The most difficult thing to clean is the firecrackerskin, which is scattered in the grass of the roadside flower bed. It takes time and energy to clip it out bit by bit.”As a last resort, Wang Guolan and her colleagues had to work overtime for a long time.Burning incense, setting off fireworks, the harm is also obvious.Rugao City public Security Bureau deputy director Li Zhu told the intersection of reporters, according to statistics, in the past three years, every year rugao area Spring Festival 7 days, because of burning fireworks and firecrackers caused by the fire are more than 40, because of burning incense caused by the fire are more than 30, causing car fire accounted for about 70%.”Breaking old rules and customs to reduce the burden on the air is an inevitable requirement for promoting the establishment of a model civilized city in China.”Gao Feng, the standing committee of the Municipal Committee of Gao Gao and the minister of the Propaganda Department, said that the city took fireworks and incense fighting as a battle to fight, and made overall planning, coordinated linkage and precise policies to comprehensively promote fireworks and incense fighting.At the beginning of the New Year, Rugao adjusted the restricted areas of fireworks and firecrackers, making it clear that no units or individuals are allowed to set off fireworks in the restricted areas throughout the year.January 10, Rugao city fireworks set off management leading group office issued a letter to citizens friends, citizens friends do not violate the rules of setting off fireworks, do not buy, burning incense.The public security department continues to maintain a high pressure situation to investigate and punish illegal discharge behavior. The market supervision and law enforcement personnel have inspected 434 incense production and operation households, dismantled 355 incense sticks, and registered 6 cases.Do not light, do not burn, this ban has been supported and supported by the citizens.”Burn incense for wealth and life and property safety, I choose the latter.”This Spring Festival, for the first time in many years, Lao Zhang did not go to buy incense sticks.Not only that, he also called on his wechat moments not to burn incense sticks, so that he and more people can breathe more fresh air.Under the drive of Lao Zhang, the shops around take the initiative to bid farewell to fireworks and firecrackers, do not burn incense, and strive to be the “forbidden family”.”I slept through the night.”Xie Bo, a resident of Jinding City, rucheng street, said happily that in previous years, many people would fire “open door cannons” from the early morning on the first day of the New Year, in order to make a good fortune, but this year, most of the city’s citizens responded to the government’s call, and heard only sparse firecrackers in the city.”Without the smoke of firecrackers, the smell of New Year has not changed.”On the first day of the Year of the Tiger, Yuhui, a rugao resident, was busy snatching red envelopes on wechat and sending New Year’s greetings to relatives and friends.She said that as long as the heart is connected with the heart, as long as this kind of warm affection does not change, the taste of New Year will not disappear.Xinhua Daily · Intersection reporter Ding Hongbo correspondent Shao Yali