Renqiu last year to increase the number of small and medium-sized enterprises in the province

2022-05-02 0 By

Since last year, Renqiu has made great efforts to cultivate technology-based enterprises, encourage and promote technological innovation of enterprises, constantly activate new development drivers, and create a highland of innovation-driven development.In the whole year, 152 new small and medium-sized enterprises of science and technology were added, the number of which ranked the first in the county-level cities of the province.Behind the rapid growth of science and technology smes is the strong support provided by renqiu’s fertile soil for entrepreneurship and innovation.In recent years, Ren Qiu has continuously increased support for small and medium-sized technology-based enterprises, giving all-round support in project declaration, talent introduction, science and technology finance, tax incentives and other aspects.At the same time, experts and key personnel will be assigned to provide targeted assistance to enterprises, guide them to increase investment in scientific and technological innovation, release new driving forces, and strengthen the subject of innovation.It focuses on establishing innovation subjects around key enterprises, cultivating a number of high-tech enterprises with high added value and high industrial driving force, and building a echelon of science and technology enterprises composed of small and medium-sized enterprises and high-tech enterprises.It is the key to economic transformation to vigorously promote the transformation of large and extensive small and medium-sized enterprises to new technologies, new industries, new models and new forms of business, and make them develop into technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises.Ren Qiu planning and construction of the “science and technology innovation industry comprehensive service center” as a comprehensive service platform, increasing science and technology business incubator and the building of enterprise research and development institutions, to promote science and technology enterprises, constantly consolidate “beijing-tianjin male development, Ren Qiu landing” industrial base, build a new high male Ann district surrounding innovation.Through the implementation of a series of innovative support measures, a large number of science and technology smes have mushroomed in Renqiu.By the end of last year, Renqiu city has 7 provincial-level or above innovation platforms such as academician workstations and national key laboratories, 114 high-tech enterprises, and the total number of small and medium-sized technology-based enterprises has reached 1813, ranking first in Cangzhou.(Reporter Qu Peng, correspondent Cui Xiaomeng)