Spring Festival is a good time to buy property!Line 7 shunde west extension line real estate big search want to buy a house look over

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Following the completion of the handover of the three rights, guangzhou Metro Line 7 west extension section today (January 28) has a public ride experience, and is expected to officially open in the first quarter of this year!The Shunde section of Line 7 starts from Beijiao Mei Avenue Station and connects with Guangzhou Metro Line 7 at Guangzhou South Station, passing through Beijiao and Chencun of Shunde. Now it is the age of buying a house and watching the subway. What are the hot spots along the line?I’ll show you!Project name: Greentown Yangliu County latest developments: Greentown Yangliu County is located on the banks of Junlan River in Beijiao New City, Foshan (Midea Avenue Station of Guangzhou Metro Line 7). Currently, we are selling foreign house products, covering 99-119 square meters of floor area, three or four rooms, two floors of four households/two floors of six households. The property fee is 2.7 YUAN/square meter/month, and the average price is about 25,000 yuan/square meter.Project name: China Resources Land Shunde Runfu Latest developments: China Resources Land Shunde Runfu is located in Baichen Road, Chen Village. Recently, it features a large flat floor of 175㎡, located in Block 27-28, 10 stories high, located in Block 27-28, with only 40 households. It is expected to be sold in March, and the hardcover building will be delivered.In addition, the third and fourth rooms of 93/125 square meters are also expected to be sold in March, and will be delivered in January 2024. At present, we can enjoy a 98% discount if you register for the opening.New Developments: Midea Excellent Good Time is located at Yuhe Road, Beijiao Town, Shunde District. It will sell 13, 15 and 23 blocks, with a floor area of 82-125 square meters and a sale price of 222-25,000 yuan/square meters with decoration.Latest developments: ICC Country Garden Sanlonghui Project is located at the southeast corner of the intersection of Chihua Tunnel East Road and Xingye Third Road, Chencun Town, Shunde District.The project is selling 8 tail goods, the construction area is 95 square meters of three rooms and 144, 221 square meters of four rooms, the price is 23,000 to 27,000 yuan/square meters, the property fee is 2.7 yuan/square meters, with decoration.Latest developments: Hejing Tianluan is located at No. 2, Muhua Road, Beijiao Town, Shunde District. It sells three or four rooms between 95㎡ and 139㎡ with an average price of about 24500 yuan /㎡.Beijiao government, library, people’s court, sports park, major banks and other municipal facilities.New Hope · Yuelong Bay is located at the intersection of Hengwu Road and Qinzheng East Road, Chencun Town, Shunde District. There are 18 main buildings, with a floor area of 78-125 square meters and three or four rooms, with an average price of 24,000-29,000 yuan/square meters, which are sold with decoration.Project name: Xincheng Shengyue Light Latest developments: Xincheng Shengyue Light is located in Xingye Third Road, Chencun, Shunde District. It sells high-rise residential buildings with a floor area of about 85-115 square meters and a design of three and four rooms. The average price is about 24,000-27,000 yuan/square meters, with decoration.Project Name: Midea Yunyue JiangshanMidea Yunyue Jiangshan is located on the side of Midea Avenue in Beijiao New Town, Shunde District. The project is selling three or four apartments of 83/93/125 square meters, with two stairs and six families designed for sale with decoration. The average price is 24,500-29500 yuan/square meters.Article source: Leju House