Subordinates are too excellent, leaders do not want to put!Lin clap telegram to chairman: yalou not to, very difficult

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The four Wild war general series 96: Liu Yalou (1) author: the mast to write the four wild war general, can not write Liu Yalou.Liu Yalou has a bright personality, outstanding ability, outstanding achievements and great fame.In Liu Yalou’s military career, its main achievements have two: one is during the tenure of the northeast Field army chief of staff, to assist Lin Biao command operations and promote the construction of dongye regularization;Second, the People’s Air Force was established.The author has not started to write about this general, one is the general did not leave a memoir, the relative lack of materials;Second, the general’s resume is special, easy to write generalities.Liu Yalou was mainly known as the East Chief of the General Staff and was Lin Biao’s most important aide.One cable may give a glimpse of how important Liu yalou was to “101 Head”, Mr Lin’s code name.I’ll tell you about it today.(a) Lin Biao command structure “very simple” as we all know, Lin Biao monotonous life, command structure is also very streamlined, often with light command team forward command.This was true in the early days of Northeast China, during the Battle of Siping (World War II siping), and still during the Battle of Liaoshen.Lin Biao’s command style can be seen from two telegrams during the battle of Siping: The battle of Siping in April-May 1946 was related to the position of our army in northeast China. The headquarters attached great importance to it, and the battle situation on the front line was extremely tense.Therefore, the chairman felt uneasy and telephoned Lin Biao on April 23: “I don’t quite understand the situation of your organization.The organs don’t seem to be with you, and no one seems to be in charge of politics and logistics.At present, operations are related to the overall situation. In the near future, more than 60,000 troops will be concentrated in Siping. I intend to appoint Gao Gang as the second political commissar instead of Luo Ronghuan, and Lv Zhengcao and Xiao Jingguang will also lead the headquarters to the front to assist you in your work.”After receiving the call, Lin Biao replied on the 27th: “The organization that has been following me for several months is very simple. Apart from the guards, there are less than 100 staff members and two radio stations.Combat is more simple, only with staff, guards 20 people and a small radio, with the main forces to move, reconnaissance terrain layout battle.”Such organizations and operations are well suited to mobile situations and can directly participate in battlefield command,” he said.Too many people, too many organizations, too slow to get close to the line of fire.Therefore, it would be better for Lu and Xiao to stay behind. If Comrade Gao Gang were to be sent to the front to act as deputy Luo Ronghuan, that would be very good.”At that time, Luo Ronghuan, the second commissar of dongzong, was recuperating in Dalian (Peng Zhen was the first commissar).First, second chief of staff Xiao Jinguang and Wu Xiuquan also in the rear, Lin Biao at the front without a deputy to assist.Judging from the tone of the message, Lin Biao felt that this “very simple” command structure could basically cope with, but it seemed to be a little difficult, so he said gao Gang to the front “that is certainly very good”.Lean, light and forward.This is the characteristics and style of Lin Biao’s command organization.Given the scale and complexity of the battlefield in northeast China, Lin Biao’s wartime command organization consisted of only 20 people (including guards) at the minimum. This is hard for us to imagine, and it is worth thinking about: how to set up the current theater command organization?(2) Lin Luo jointly recommended Liu Yalou as chief of Staff As mentioned above, at that time, the Northeast Democratic Coalition had two chiefs of staff, namely xiao Jingguang, the first chief of staff, and Wu Xiuquan, the second chief of staff.But the two men’s strengths are not primarily in the advisory business.Therefore, after the march to the northeast, the two chiefs of staff have been in the rear, did not follow Lin Biao to participate in the front command.With the expansion of the campaign, Lin Biao urgently needed a competent chief of staff.Just then, Liu Yalou appeared.Liu Yalou joined the West Fujian Red Army in September 1929, and in December of that year, he entered the 4th Red Army camp school to study. From then on, he served under Lin Biao for a long time.On the long March, Liu Yalou was political commissar of the 2nd Red Division.After the Long March to Northern Shaanxi, Lin Biao served as the president of the Red University, Liu Yalou first students, after graduation, appointed the red University training minister, chief of education.Yang Zhicheng, Lu Dongsheng, Li Tianyou, Lin Biao, Liu Yalou and others in Moscow in 1939, Liu Yalou was sent to the Soviet Union to study abroad, into the Frunze Military Academy to learn military.Liu Yalou had studied in middle school, so he had a good foundation and worked hard. He soon conquered the language barrier.In the same group of students sent to study in the Soviet Union, there are two best Russian students: Lu Dongsheng and Liu Yalou.Therefore, after graduation, both of them served in the Soviet Army, Liu Yalou served as a major staff officer in the Soviet Army.It should be said that liu Yalou’s 3 years of experience as a staff officer in the Soviet Army command was an important training for his later growth into the “best chief of staff” of our army.In August 1945, the Soviet Far East Red Army marched into northeast China.After liu Yalou’s office was stationed in Dalian, as a Chinese, he was transferred to the Soviet Political work department, responsible for civil affairs, and actually responsible for liaising with the Chinese side.In March and April 1946, Liu Yalou met luo Ronghuan, an old leader who was recuperating in Dalian, and insisted on returning to the team.In early May 1946, Lin Biao and Luo Ronghuan jointly recommended Liu Yalou to serve as the first chief of staff of the Northeast Democratic Allied Forces.Here needs to explain: during this period, in addition to Xiao Jingguang concurrently a section of the chief of staff, Wu Xiuquan has been one of the chief of staff.But these two chief of staff has never been responsible for the work of the headquarters, until Liu Yalou took office, the east general just had the chief of staff responsible for the work of the headquarters, and has been assisting Lin Biao command operations.From now on, Liu Yalou assists Lin Biao to reorganize the army, organizes the army to train, promotes the army to be regularized, assists to command combat, becomes Lin Biao’s most important assistant.After Liu Yalou became chief of staff, the Democratic United Army carried out its first major rearrangement, which was followed by three moves to the South of the Yangtze River and four moves to protect the Linjiang River, summer offensive, autumn offensive, winter offensive, six-month training, liaoshen Campaign, Pingjin campaign, etc.From the Northeast Democratic Coalition to the Northeast Field Army, the army grew stronger, the Vietnam War intensified, and the entire northeast was liberated in November 1948.Among them, Liu Yalou played an important role.It may be conceptual to say that Liu Yalou is Lin Biao’s most important assistant.From the following telegram, perhaps you can see how important Liu Yalou is to Lin Biao.July 24, 1949, four wild headquarters arrived in Wuhan, Lin Biao special call chairman: “I heard that liu Yalou as the air school work (in fact, the chairman will Liu Yalou formed the Air Force, as the first air force commander), we suggest that The building is still to the front command combat…If Yalou does not come, our front command will feel very difficult.”It is said that before, Lin Biao also directly called liu Yalou in Beijing recuperation, expressed the same meaning, but the author did not check this telegram.As mentioned above, in the early days of the Northeast, Lin Biao’s command structure was very streamlined.But more and more troops, to the “large corps” direction of development, the battle is also more and more.At this time, It was impossible for Lin Biao to “directly participate in battlefield command”, and “regularization” was an inevitable trend, which was also an important condition for the victory of the large corps.Having drunk “foreign ink” in the Soviet Union, Liu Yalou just complied with the situation and played an important role in the normalization of the northeast army.At the same time, with the continuous upgrading of the scale of operations in the northeast battlefield, the requirements for campaign organization, campaign coordination and campaign support are becoming higher and higher, and the role of the headquarters is becoming increasingly prominent.To this, Lin Biao’s experience is certainly more profound.Siye chief of staff Liu Yalou should say, after the battle of Pingjin, Siye the most difficult, the most complex phase of the operation has passed.”If Yalou does not come, our front command will feel very difficult.” This proves two points: first, Liu Yalou is an excellent chief of staff; second, Lin Biao thinks Liu Yalou is very important.Some people may ask: Lin Biao thought carefully, good at calculating, good at battle planning.What role can such a military chief, a chief of staff, play?We continue below.