Wu Xue to carry out post-snow disaster self-rescue efforts to ensure a good start

2022-05-02 0 By

The greenhouses collapsed under the pressure.Jingchu network (Hubei Daily network) news (correspondent Guo Zhanjun Geng Wenhui) “the concern of the Municipal party committee and the municipal government makes us feel confident one hundred times, in the face of current difficulties, the company quickly organized employees to actively carry out production self-rescue, speed up the resumption of production, to ensure that the first quarter to achieve a good start.”On February 10, liu Zhifu, chairman of Hubei Tianshenjia Biological environmental Protection Technology Co., LTD., which is located in Longping town of Wuxue City, was introduced.It is understood that since the snow and ice disaster, Tianshenjia company to re-order a batch of modern greenhouse equipment, organize 70 labor every day to demolish the collapse of the greenhouse, the fastest speed will be damaged greenhouse replacement.At the same time, the daily production of fertilizer increased from 80 tons to 120 tons.Save oneself from disaster.On February 7, the seventh day of the first lunar month, a heavy snow in the New Year brought a lot of unexpected disasters. In particular, many greenhouse farmers suffered serious losses.The sudden snowstorm took tianshenjia by surprise. Out of 490 earthworm greenhouses, more than 430 were crushed. The loss of earthworms and ancillary facilities in the greenhouses reached more than 8.3 million yuan.The repair of damaged greenhouses was completed.Correspondent for the map it is reported that the snow and ice disaster weather let the city 66 affected enterprises, due to the disaster production of enterprises 5, half production of enterprises 3, direct economic losses of 31.661 million yuan, indirect economic losses of 15.6125 million yuan.In the face of the disaster of low-temperature rain, snow and freezing, Wuxue Municipal Party Committee and Government attach great importance to it, actively respond to it, minimize the loss caused by the disaster and ensure a good start to the first quarter.On February 8, Hu Hao, secretary of Wuxue Municipal Party Committee, went to the site of some key enterprises and projects in wuxue to conduct field research on the resumption of work and production, to coordinate and solve the actual difficulties and problems encountered in the resumption of work and production of enterprises and projects, and to guide the prevention and response to the low-temperature rain and snow weather.The city actively organized enterprises to carry out production self-rescue, the first time, to find out the disaster, detailed measures, find out the problem, precise help.While guiding enterprises to fight disasters and save themselves, we will give full support to help enterprises resume production as soon as possible.Up to now, the city due to rain and snow disaster affected enterprises have fully resumed production.At the same time, we will actively seek special credit support, post-disaster relief funds and tax deferment support from financial, tax and emergency departments to help enterprises tide over difficulties and ensure a good start to the first quarter.