Liu Lixiang participated in the group discussion

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On the afternoon of January 28, Liu Lixiang, secretary of the County Party Committee, came to the county delegation to participate in the discussion and deliberated the Government Work Report and five other reports with the delegates.Delegates to speak freely, talk about feelings, talk about experience, talking about ideas, Suggestions, agreed that several reports comprehensive and objective, practical, especially the government work report summary results encourage refreshing, task goal specific clear, measures gripper is feasible, is embodiment of the spirit of the county party committee plenary session, is an inspiring and encouraging good report.County party committee standing committee, political commissar huang Lingang attended the discussion.During the discussion, Liu lixiang listened to the opinions and suggestions of grassroots deputies in detail, and discussed in depth the hot issues concerned by deputies, such as “subtraction planning” of county towns, renovation of old residential areas, construction of cooperatives led by party branches, development of cultural and tourism industry, and comprehensive revitalization of rural areas, and raised ardent hopes for the majority of deputies.Of county li-xiang liu stressed that this year is the key of jingxing corner overtaking, spanning development of years, the years of support, delegates should vigorously carry forward the fight spirit, firmly grasp every opportunity, smell makes the dynamic and quick character overhead, coagulation hearts meet force, and, with hard work easily the resilience and dry in the confidence of the determination, firmly play “eight big battle”,To a domain of light for jingxing high quality development efforts to add luster.First, we need to have strong confidence in development that we will succeed if we do.Striving, striving to create a year of gratifying achievements, which fully shows that jingxing cadres is a style of work hard, can romped, dare to play a winning team, as the mainstay of the county development director delegates to the county, the county government collusion, confidence and determination to reach across to catch up with each of the cadres at the grass-roots level the masses, builds the clerkstarts gas is heart qi jin fa thick atmosphere,Mobilize the county up and down to effectively enhance the sense of ownership, coagulation, take advantage of the momentum, and strive to shine on their own posts, the jingxing business together to advance.Second, we must stay in a state of combat when ordered to do so.Is stick to become king, to the county, the county government to make all policy decisions as the instruction, the urgent demand of the crowd and look forward to working as a direction and goals, make every opportunity jingxing spanning development base, smell makes the dynamic and quick character overhead, one day as the air-dried, hard work struggle, build for victory,Win the understanding, support and recognition of the masses with solid achievements.Third, we need to inspire the infinite power of last resort.Current jingxing is on the development of the cause of the fast lane, dare to not leave ground for retreat, consistently with the attitude of running winning play “eight big battle”, high quality, fast rhythm, pay special attention to the county seat adjustment upgrade, comprehensive revitalization of the country, to promote key projects, the green mine construction, brigade industrial promotion and so on each work, in all areas of full bloom,To speed up the construction of “recreation resort, economically strong county, charming Jingxing” and restore jingxing’s former glory.The author | HuoWeiXi edit | xiao-hong han mailbox |