Lots of cities under the sea?It’s not surprising. It’s ancient civilization speaking

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Atlantis sank into the sea, tragic, tragic, and silent, without a trace.Of course, if you think Atlantis was the only city at that time, you’re wrong.In the areas where Arunaki concentrated, functional high-tech cities were built.There were certainly not as many cities as there are now, but they were all over the world.On the land of South America, there are still some traces of the city.Like Tiwanaku.Tiwanaku, as a whole, presents the scale and functional composition of a city, consisting mainly of temples, sculptures and pyramids, the most important of which are the Pyramid of Akapana and the Temple of Kalasasaya, which has been seen in many films.The latter features the “Gate of the Sun”, protected by the cornice of a god wielding a pair of canes.The shenlong looked strange, very different from today’s people, more inclined to the “Book of Mountains and Seas” monsters, presumably descendants of Arunaki.Beyond the city centre, there is also a curious building that includes several platforms, a plaza between them and a series of steps that are definitely man-made and could not have been formed naturally.As for the purpose of this place, some people think it is similar to the ancient Roman council meeting place, others think it is a place of worship, the answer varies.The greatest divisor of many answers is: don’t know.These buildings are made entirely of stone, the largest of which is more than 100 tons.The stones were cut so precisely that they fit together perfectly without mortar.It can be expected to be made thousands of years ago, but it is still perfectly fitted.People do not know the specific function of these buildings, probably because human technology has not developed to that extent, so it is impossible to guess, vision is not enough.Mr. Yan said that with Arunaki’s technology, their flying objects fly everywhere above the ground, which is more like landing.Only a few of the ancient cities on land have survived to the present day, while a large number of cities under the sea have survived.Like golden City in India.Although our relationship with India is a bit of that, we have to admit that they have cities in their water.The city is said to have been built more than 9,500 years ago and is believed to be Devarka, which means the City of Gold.In fact, the city is only in the depths of the Indian Ocean, not on Indian land.They’re not all 9,500 years old, they’re the earliest, they’re 3500 years old at the latest.However, Lao Yan has always been cautious about dating, because the Records of the Grand Historian did not record any major earthquakes around 3500 years ago (during the Shang dynasty), and the flood was only a few hundred years ago, so it was basically determined to have sunk into the sea during the flood.You know, you can’t push a city to the bottom of the ocean with your bare hands.Oh, and there are two Indian epics, one of which is called The Mahabharata, which tells the story of the prehistoric flood.People used to wonder why Indian epics were set mainly on the steppes.In fact, the historical context is very clear: after the flood, the Aryan people, who were originally nomadic in the Altai mountains and Xinjiang, crossed the Pamir Plateau and came to the Indian subcontinent, occupying today’s India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Bangladesh and other places, and became the inhabitants of the Indian subcontinent.Part of the epic is about their life as nomads.At that time, Xinjiang, Altai Region, in fact, is within the range of control of yan Huang.Altai Mountain is the Arctic Sky ark in The Book of Mountains and Seas.The one-eyed people in the Book of Mountains and Seas were the junggar one-eyed giants aristias saw more than a thousand years later.The people of deep eyes named Pan in the Book of Mountains and Seas may have been Aryan.So, some people in India are actually Chinese.The mahabharata’s story of the Great Flood, reflected in the lost City of Gold, illustrates the reality of the Great Flood.Of course, the Mahabharata also talks about Devarka, a very prosperous city with 900,000 buildings, all made of gold and silver and crystal;There are busy shopping streets, dense residential areas and, of course, golden palaces.You can compare it to the capital in the movie Baahubali, but Devarka is 998.62 times more beautiful.The city in Cambe Bay is thought to be the epic De Valca, although it is not very certain, but it is named that way.The ryukyu kingdom’s Yonaguni island near the sea, there are also the remains of an ancient city, the best preserved is an undersea pyramid.The pyramids built with huge stones echo those in America and Africa, telling a common glorious era.On top of the pyramid, which is equivalent to the size of a city, there are gates, corridors, observation posts and other facilities, all preserved intact.Even the patterns on these facilities are preserved intact, like palindromes, like a kind of writing (of course, if it is a kind of writing and it is eventually deciphered, that would be a boon for the ages, especially as the book of Old Yan provides the most detailed evidence).In addition, the ancient remains and other structures on the seabed of Naguni island suggest that humans once lived there (if aliens can be counted as humans).The buildings are made entirely of stone, including giant stones, stone columns, polished steps, moats, carvings, and even giant stone figures.You can see that this was once a city, and then the whole thing sank to the bottom of the sea.Part of shanhaijing wrote about the east sea, the deepest wrote about the distance land 7000 miles (3000 kilometers), main description object with emperor jung tribe, the giant country, Lilliput, Sue Yi days doors, etc., but because the wild did not indicate the azimuth, even there is no clear in what order to record,So it is impossible to tell which tribe ryukyu’s undersea cities belong to.But Lao Yan must have written it.There are two places that are more consistent with it. The first place is the kingdom of giants, “city of adults”, which means there are cities, and the ryukyu undersea buildings are obviously cities.The other is The Wave Mountain, “seven thousand li to the sea.They look like cattle. They are pale but have no horns. When they go in and out of the water, they are sure of wind and rain.There are many more underwater cities.There are massive boulder city ruins on the sea floor near Havana, Cuba;Beneath the ice and snow in northern Europe, a vast underwater world with traces of human activity has been discovered. Some people think this is Atlantis.Underwater cities have even been found in Antarctica.In the South China Sea, traces of villages were also found, with a large number of houses and wooden tools, as if there were still people alive today.According to the Book of Mountains and Seas, there are deserts and oases in the southern seas of China, which correspond to the discovery of the bottom of the South China Sea.In addition to underwater cities, there are even underwater cities, the most famous of which is the underwater city of Fuxian Lake in Yunnan Province.This is a city that was four thousand years ago, and it was submerged under about a hundred meters of water. It looks like there was a lot of damage at that time, so the city is no longer in shape, but there are huge stones, and there are even patterns or words on the stones.It may not be convincing that a city is a city if it looks like a large stone used for urban construction, but human figures have been found underwater and broken stone steps have been found.Fuxian Lake is the deepest freshwater lake in China, so it is very difficult to excavate and excavate the lake. It is hoped that the lake will be thoroughly excavated while Lao Yan is still alive and will be compared with the Book of Mountains and Seas to add evidence for Lao Yan’s theory of ancient alien civilization.After more than two hundred years, Lao Yan passed away. Even if people could prove the truth of this theory with the book “The Origin of Mankind”, Lao Yan would be deeply distressed.As you may have noticed, there are very few ancient structures preserved on land, and many on the sea floor.The reason for this is easy to understand. In ancient times, there was no concept of protecting cultural relics, and most of the time there was no special organization. Even when people saw a ruin, the Zhangs picked up a stick, the Lis carried a sculpture, and the Gou’s found a square stone perfect for breaking open a pigsty.Thus thousands of people consumed the cities for years and years.However, undersea archaeology is faced with huge difficulties. There are very few people who have both diving and archaeology. However, undersea archaeology can only be carried out if they have both.And current undersea archaeology can only go to a certain depth, beyond which there are technical difficulties.Chinese submersibles can reach the Pacific Trench, but only unmanned.Especially critical, of course, is that it would be difficult to form archaeological projects, especially for civilian archaeological units that are motivated by profit, without being sure that the undersea cities have valuable gold and silver treasures.And in many countries, archaeology depends on these civilian units.Whether or not they can be dug up, one thing is clear: prehistoric cities spread across every continent and ocean.If this evidence doesn’t prove an ancient civilization, what does?This is chapter 17 of the Origin of Man.The next chapter will cover two or three hundred years of immersion in flood waters.