“Speakers speak every day” fire safety in mind

2022-05-03 0 By

Report from our newspaper (Peony Evening News all media reporter Yan Powder) On February 18, peony Evening News all media reporter learned that Juye county fire rescue brigade relying on “knock on the door to remove hidden dangers” action, fire safety knowledge into the rural “big speaker” broadcast content, carry out “fire trumpet every day speak” theme publicity activities.Juye County fire rescue brigade carefully selected and rural related family fire and electricity and gas common sense, fire self-rescue and escape skills and methods, rural fire conventions, fire safety precautions and other fire safety knowledge, using the language of the hometown to make easy-to-understand dialect version of fire safety knowledge recording, sent to each town office,Through community, the village committee, village of rural “big horn” in the push to the masses, further guide the standard oil, use of fire, electricity, to master basic fire escape common sense, etc., use daily for an hour in the morning, afternoon two times an hour, with the aid of villages radio, through a comprehensible dialect to remind the villagers raise fire safety awareness,Really get through rural fire prevention work “the last kilometer”.In the activity, Juye county fire rescue brigade also actively responsible person of the village committee, village cadres and rural radio responsible person for fire safety education and training, explain the characteristics of rural fire and prevention measures, urge the establishment of fire inspection, neighborhood watch, vulnerable groups to help and fire propaganda and education system.Up to now, the county has continuously broadcast fire safety knowledge more than 3000 times, radiation town do 17 town do, 56 communities, 403 village committees.Each loudspeaker has become a powerful link between fire protection propagandists and rural grassroots people, providing guidance and help for rural people to pay attention to fire safety and eliminate fire hazards during the epidemic prevention and control period, ensuring that fire protection propaganda truly “enters the village and enters the household”.