Take morality as the bottom line, you are a aboveboard person

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Understanding your own darkness is the best way to deal with the darkness of others.– Carl Jung Whatever evil you have thought of, the other must have thought of, too.It’s just that people with moral boundaries will keep themselves in check and constantly reflect on themselves, while people without moral boundaries will pay for action.A novelist writing about a thief, for example, does not have to be a thief himself.But for authenticity, you can get to know these people better.Sometimes, if you want to deal with the evil in others, you have to start by understanding the evil in yourself.The human heart is a huge world, the world is big, the heart is big.People are connected.As a person with a bottom line, he should also think about what the person without a bottom line does to prevent himself from being passive.This is called wisdom.As we often say, be careful not to guard others, be careful not to harm others.This defense is to understand your own darkness so that you can deal with the darkness of others.Jung’s words have some deep meaning.Don’t blame yourself for having your dark side. On the bottom line of morality, each of us is a aboveboard person.Many defenders claim to be on the moral high ground, which is unreliable.Teachers and friends, psychologists, do you understand this sentence?Carl Gustav Jung (1875 — 1961) was a Swiss psychologist.Began in 1907 with sigmund Freud, cooperation, development and promotion of psychoanalysis for six years, after the idea with Freud, and founded the jung personality psychology theory, put forward “complex” concept, divides into the personality introversion and extroversion, advocated that the personality into three layers of consciousness, individual unconscious and collective unconscious.His theories and ideas still exert a profound influence on psychological research.