There were 1,412 new locally confirmed cases and 744 asymptomatic cases, with jilin Province reporting a significant increase in confirmed cases

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According to the Jilin Provincial Health Commission, there were 1,412 new locally confirmed cases in the province yesterday, including 831 in Changchun, 571 in Jilin, nine in Yanbian and one in Siping.A total of 744 asymptomatic cases were reported, including 697 in Jilin, 42 in Changchun, three in Yanbian prefecture, one in Meihekou and one in Siping.A new round of nucleic acid tests will be carried out in Changchun today.Yesterday, changchun residents braved snow to queue for nucleic acid tests.Jilin Province held an epidemic prevention and control press conference this morning, reporting a total of 2,052 confirmed COVID-19 cases in the province as of 24:00 yesterday.According to clinical classification, 2025 cases were mild and 27 cases were common.According to the geographical distribution, jilin City had 1,024 cases, Changchun city 961 cases (654 cases in Jiutai District), Yanbian Prefecture 65 cases, Songyuan city, Siping city 1 case each.A total of 1,527 asymptomatic cases have been reported in Jilin, including 1,275 in Jilin, 205 in Changchun (131 in Jiutai District), 36 in Yanbian prefecture, 6 in Meihekou, 3 in Siping, and 1 in Liaoyuan and Songyuan respectively.The press conference said that the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in The province rose significantly yesterday. On the one hand, the transmission of the Omicron Novel coronavirus is hidden, highly infectious and fast, and it is difficult to detect early on and easy to form community transmission.Six rounds of nucleic acid testing have been completed in Jilin City, three rounds in Jiutai District of Changchun City, and two rounds of nucleic acid testing have been completed in other urban areas of Changchun city. Through large-scale nucleic acid testing in the early stage, hidden potential infections in communities have been found.On the other hand, it reflects the insufficient capacity of medical resources in some regions in the face of the rapidly rising epidemic situation, which leads to the limitation of centralized treatment in a short period of time.The emergency response mechanism in some regions is not sound enough, the characteristics of omicron virus and the severe and complex situation of the epidemic are not well understood and inaccurate in research and judgment, and the implementation of the decision-making and deployment of jilin Provincial Party Committee and provincial government is not in place and thorough, and there is still a gap in the implementation of “should be checked, should be isolated, should be treated, should be managed”.In response, the CPC Jilin Provincial Committee and the Provincial government made decisive decisions in light of the changing situation of the epidemic, quickly adjusted the leading groups in the affected areas, and implemented all prevention and control measures in a strict and prompt manner.Defense under the State Council to jilin spreading mechanism maintaining team’s strong support and guidance, jilin provincial party committee, the provincial government for work force of the province to promote resistance to disease, set up 14 by provincial coalesced into the leadership of the working class, the province isolation of transhipment, nucleic acid detection, medical treatment strength to further strengthen and improve work efficiency, optimize the workflow, strengthens each link cohesion.At present, Jilin city and Changchun city are carrying out a new round of nucleic acid testing for all staff, to further understand the bottom of the epidemic situation, and race against time to push for community reunion.The epidemic situation in other parts of the province is generally stable and controllable.Last night, changchun Municipal Party Committee decided to nominate Qin Haitao as the director of the Health Commission (Changchun Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine). Gao Yutang was removed from the post of party Secretary and director of the Health Commission (Changchun Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine).Li Xin was relieved from the posts of Deputy Secretary, Standing Committee member and member of Jiutai District Committee.At present, Changchun city has implemented closed management.At the Changchun International Convention and Exhibition Center, a 1,500-bed makeshift hospital is expected to be ready for use today.In order to control the epidemic, Changchun city decided to “stop all non-essential movement” from Monday, shutting down schools, buses, taxis and subways except for special security vehicles.As the city quieted down, nucleic acid tests for all, supplies for the masses, and emergency medical services were carried out in earnest.An unexpected snowfall arrived yesterday morning.Walking down the street, volunteers in protective suits, their goggles frosted.The traffic flow on the road is rare, the traffic police all on duty to check the vehicle pass documents.At various nucleic acid testing sites in the city, citizens kept a safe distance and braved the snow to queue up.Each community began to issue access cards for residents, cardholders can regularly go out to purchase daily supplies.Calm down the city, medical attention.At the Bethune First Hospital of Jilin University, the outpatient service is open as usual, and the number of patients attending the clinic has decreased significantly with appointments and negative nucleic acid tests.The Second Hospital of Jilin University, China-japan Friendship Hospital of Jilin University and other large hospitals are also open.Changchun city also specially arranged some bus lines around the seven grade-A grade three hospitals in the city to run normally, leaving every hour from 6 am to 8 PM.Airports and railway stations are open normally, and passengers entering and leaving the airport must hold a 48-hour nucleic acid test negative certificate.At Changchun Railway Station, more than 500 cadres and workers formed a commando.Changchun Longjia International Airport yesterday took off and landed 12 flights, airport bus line 1 normal operation.In the afternoon, the snow stopped, and a fierce, silent battle continued in the quiet city.Source Beijing Evening News according to Xinhua News Agency Jilin release process editor Wu Yue