Which strong car at the end of the year?Trailblazers are the real powerhouses

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Not long ago, Chevrolet announced the launch of the 2022 Chevrolet Chang Cruiser.The brand launched three models for consumers, priced at 164,900 yuan to 179,900 yuan after subsidies.At the 2021 Guangzhou Auto Show, Chevrolet Changxun Mickey Kung Fu version is also officially unveiled. Based on the ordinary version of The car, it is upgraded. The appearance not only has mickey design elements, but also increases some kung fu modeling, bringing creative and childlike visual enjoyment.Before this, Chang Xun has rolled out mikey space edition and Mikey magic edition in succession, the kung Fu version of this release model, continued the same design style as before.In contrast, the vehicle design of color more gorgeous, the vehicle added a lot of Chinese, highlighting the sense of power.In terms of rims, the car also uses an orange color scheme and has added a Mickey icon.Auto show scene chang Tour kung Fu version attracted a lot of fans to clock, before chang tour mickey magic version and space version of the surrounding unboxing video on the social platform set off a boom, which also makes xiaobian is looking forward to this chang tour kung fu version of the surrounding.The 2022 Changxun all-new high-performance terum-lithium battery pack has a 61.1kwh battery capacity, enabling the new car to have a range of 518km and reliable safety performance. It is developed in accordance with the global safety standards of GENERAL Motors.Temperature control of intelligent temperature control of water cycle system, space level USES nanometer materials, balance the pressure relief valve, the high voltage system many double insurance, battery status round-the-clock monitoring, and vehicle and dual alarm system and so on a number of safety design, the cloud after puncture, extrusion, such as fire, overcharge, short-circuit 7 heavy 13 class testing, all-round to ensure the safety of driving.Thanks to a new battery and motor system, the 2022 changxun model not only improves its range, but also significantly enhances its power performance, with a power of 130kW and a speed of 170 km/h.In addition, the new car’s 100km power consumption is as low as 12.6kwh.The 2022 Changxun also has a new single-pedal driving mode. The driver only needs to control the accelerator pedal to realize the operation of starting, accelerating, decelerating and stopping the vehicle, so as to easily cope with the road conditions such as curves, uphill and congestion. While improving the energy recovery efficiency, the driving experience is further optimized.As the first pure electric intercity coupe of Chevrolet in China, Changxun has won a good market reputation by virtue of its dynamic fashion design, advanced pure electric drive technology, intelligent interconnection technology and stable and reliable safety technology since its launch.With the launch of the 2022 new car, Chevrolet Changxun will provide more intelligent car experience for young consumers who pursue fashionable personality and quality life.At the same time, the new car can enjoy the vehicle 3 years or 100,000 kilometers of original factory warranty, the three-power system can enjoy 8 years or 160,000 kilometers of super long warranty, and 100G OnStar car application free traffic service for life every year, to provide consumers with efficient, environmentally friendly, safe and intelligent green travel experience.