Qu Chunyu’s whole family cheered in Dalian when she won gold

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China’s short track speed skating team won the first gold medal at the Beijing Winter Olympics after clocking 2:37.348 in the mixed team 2,000m relay final on Sunday night.Among them, qu Chunyu, known as the “key figure”, lives in Wancheng Community, Advanced Street, Jinpu New District, Dalian.On the night of the competition, nearly 20 people, including Qu chunyu’s parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts and other relatives, as well as community workers, cheered qu Chunyu and witnessed the emotional moment of winning gold!In the final, The Chinese team sent qu Chunyu, Fan Kexin, Wu Dajing, Ren Ziwei composed of the ace lineup.Although they were behind at the beginning, the players kept up and cooperated very well in tactics. Especially, Qu Chunyu overtook the Italian team from the beginning, and finally Wu Dajing took the lead in crossing the finish line with stable control.Since it was a new event at these Games, it was also the first gold medal in the history of the event, which was significant.”Let’s have a family dinner and celebrate!”At noon on February 6, Qu Chunyu’s mother Yu Shuyan happily told reporters that the picture of winning gold in the live broadcast was still in my mind, and the excitement was still continuing.”My grandparents are older and I didn’t want them to watch the live broadcast, but they all paid too much attention to the Winter Olympics and Qu Chunyu. I was so happy to win the gold medal.”Yu shuyan said that they did not contact Qu chunyu before the competition for fear of putting pressure on their children. They only knew about the events qu would participate in and whether she could play depended on the athletes’ condition. But the whole family still waited in front of the TV early, “It is necessary to follow the Chinese team!Especially in the final to see Qu Chunyu, has been very surprised!Winning the championship was even more exciting!There were about 20 people in our house at that time, so we cheered and clapped and disturbed our neighbors. Sorry!”Qu chunyu’s family moved to Dalian from Bei ‘an, Heilongjiang Province, in 2009 to reunite with her uncle’s family, who came to Dalian earlier. Many of her relatives now live in Dalian and love the coastal city.”Qu Chunyu called me and her father at 1:30 in the morning on February 6, saying ‘it was like a dream’ and saying a lot of words. Maybe I was too excited to remember clearly!”Yu shuyan said that he and Qu Wenfeng, Qu Chunyu’s father, congratulated qu on winning the gold medal, but did not talk more about the competition because they did not want to put pressure on their child. They just told qu to rest. “I hope the next competition will get better and better.Source: Liaoning Daily · Northland client editor: Han Yu