Spring is a golden period for children, breakfast is not enough, 3 staple food delicious nutrition super simple

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Jiangnan fireworks in March is shallow to sing in the music since ancient times the fresh picture scroll, unlike the spring in Beijing, in March, rain and snow weathered all experience, combined with today’s dust storm, the weather than a child’s face, in the warm cold period, breakfast is not to be ignored, but in the morning time is limited, can master some simple method of making cake for breakfast,Get up early more than 10 minutes can let children eat warm and nutritious breakfast, with simple ingredients to change the pattern of the day, only to fill up the stomach, can prevent the capricious “reverse cold” in March.Potato is called “the second staple food”, although appearance is not good, but is very popular, have good people also didn’t hear don’t eat potatoes, take the rest of a stir fry potatoes, carrot silk and ham silk together, don’t do not add water, flour can use a bird’s nest eggs to bake delicious potato, radish in folk have the laudatory title of “natural digestive agent”, not only enough moisture,Also contains rich digestive enzymes, whether raw or cooking, there is help gastrointestinal peristalsis digestive function, simple combination made shredded turnip pudding downy, the aroma of fresh eggs have a unique flavor, we are familiar with corn is a kind of coarse grains, taste sweet, rich food fiber, sweet tortillas with milk instead of water to make milk, sweet and fragrant, no bitterness, coarse grains more healthy.Bird’s Nest potato chips: staple food: 200g potato, 30g carrot, 4 eggs, 1 ham Side food: 2g pepper, 2G salt, 2g black sesame, 5g spring onion, 15g tomato sauce, 10ml peanut oil1, choose fresh potatoes of medium size, peel and cut into thin pieces, and then clean the potato starch floating layer in clean water, taste better and can prevent the potato silk oxidation black;Peel the carrot and cut into filaments, add water into the soup pot ignition, add the potatoes and carrots silk boil 1 minute or so, out of the cold water after dry, cook the potatoes and carrots silk to 7 mature, cooked too much easy to be broken, since the bird’s nest bread is difficult to model, 2 breakfast sausage peeled and cut it into filaments, onion to root abluent cut green onion,Put the shredded potatoes, carrots and ham into a clean bowl, beat 2 eggs, pour the egg whites into the three lines, season with salt, and stir well. As the egg whites are cohesive, no flour is needed.3, pan non-stick pan, coated with cooking oil, when the oil is slightly hot, add the mixed three lines, divided into four small cakes, with chopsticks to make the shape of the nest, leave a gap in the middle, in the center of each nest into an egg yolk, with a small fire roast golden on both sides.Main food: 280g radish, 2 eggs, a little flour. Ingredients: 12g shrimp peel, 12g green onion, 2g black sesame, 2G salt, 1g pepper, 12ml cooking oil1, peeled radish cut into thin strips, put half of the salt in a big bowl, pickled soup after squeezing radish juice, the remaining shredded radish into rice cake, do not waste radish juice, add honey is also a good drink.2. Put shredded radish into a large bowl, break the egg and add a little flour. Stir shredded radish evenly with chopsticks.3, in the electric biscuits coated with cooking oil after preheating, spoon into the right amount of radish paste, evenly spread in the electric biscuits, turn on the switch to bake until golden mature, the thinner the rice cake is easier to cook, radish shredded fragrance surrounded the beauty of shrimp skin, children can eat 3 or 4 at a time.03 Milk corn muffin: Staple food: corn flour 180g Side food: milk 240g, egg 1, granulated sugar 15g, foaming powder 2g1. Prepare half a bowl of fine, seedless corn flour, bump into an egg, add a little granulated sugar for sweetness, 2 grams of foam can make the tortilla soft and soft taste better, without using a drop of water, add the right amount of pure milk, stir in a smooth and delicate corn sauce, texture is not much different from thick yogurt.2. Heat the pan with a low heat, heat the right amount of corn with a spoon and put it vertically into the pot to automatically form round tortillas. When using ordinary POTS, it is best to apply edible oil to prevent tortillas from bonding.3. Bake the tortilla on a low heat to swell the honeycomb until it becomes golden brown on both sides and ripeness. Golden baby tortillas, with a cup of nori fri soup, are filled with sweet corn flavor in every bite, so try it sometime.People say like home like to cook, like life, is very cute and I also love playing from the fingers yangchun don’t dip in water woman turned out to be full of love laboratory, porridge and rice immersed in love for the child and family, I hope to find you in my food graphic like the food, do better, at the same time, also welcome collection, review and forward,Each opinion can be discussed in the following forum, welcome to share with me your favorite dish or hometown food, I will reply in the first time, the above pictures and pictures are my own original, welcome to forward collection, strictly prohibit bad media copy business, infringement will be investigated!