When the moon mouth of the good Ming Ying zong, with two hundred thousand troops, why will be captured?

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The Zhu Ming generation, from hongwu emperor Zhu Yuanzhang overthrew the Rule of yuan Dynasty, established nanjing as the founding capital, to Chongzhen emperor Zhu Youjian hanged himself on a coal mountain and died, a total of 276 years of sixteen emperors.When it comes to the sixteen Emperors of the Ming Dynasty, one can probably think of their different and odd hobbies, and that is their strong backbone.However, not every emperor of Zhu Ming’s generation was full of iron and blood.One of them almost led the Ming dynasty to become the second Emperor of the Southern Song Dynasty — Zhu Qizhen, emperor of Ming Yingzong.Zhu Qizhen was the eldest son of Zhu Zhanji, emperor Xuande of the Ming Dynasty, and the grandson of Zhu Gaochi, Emperor Mingren.Ten years of Xuande, his father Zhu Zhanji died, only eight years old Zhu Qi zhen succeeded to the throne, changed the title to orthodox, by his mother Zhang Tai empress Dowager and minister “three Yang” assistant.Eight years of orthodoxy, Empress Dowager Zhang died, Yingzong official affinity.Orthodox fourteen years, with two hundred thousand troops, the change of civil fort, become wara captive, in Beijing after the victory of the war to study abroad by the younger brother Zhu Qiyu confined in the South palace, jingtai eight years, launched to seize the door of the change to sit god.So why did the king of a kingdom lead an army of 200,000 against wala, one of the fragmented Mongol tribes, become a prisoner?This also has to introduce a key figure first: The Eunuch of The Yingzong fexiao — Wang Zhen.In “Da Ming Fenghua”, Wang Zhen of Zhu Qi town, a native of Hebei province, was heard to be a scholar who failed in the imperial examination. He failed to enter the palace and became a eunuch. Because he knew some scriptures, he was favored by Emperor Xuanzong of Ming Dynasty.Emperor Xuanzong of The Ming Dynasty arranged him to be accompanied by the crown prince. He was called “Wang Banbian” and established a deep friendship with Emperor Yingzong of the Ming Dynasty when he was young.After emperor Yingzong’s reign, he placed absolute trust in him and granted him high power. He was promoted to the absolute eldest brother of eunuchs — The Eunuchs with palm prints.When Wang Zhen came to the eunuch, he became domineering and overbearing in the court under the protection of Ming Yingzong.Especially after the death of empress Dowager Zhang, Three Yang successively retired or died more arrogant.One of the court officials, Pangaozhi, called Wang Zhen “father,” while he plundered Ming property and built luxurious mansions.When he was rich and powerful, he wanted to leave his name in history, so he encouraged Emperor Yingzong to go to war in his 14th year. In the end, not only the strength of the Ming Dynasty was greatly damaged, but also his reputation was ruined, and he died tragely under the hammer of General Fan Zhong, which was exactly what he deserved.In July of the 14th year, Wala invaded the border of The Ming Dynasty. In order to realize his dream of leaving his name in the history of China, Wang Zhen encouraged Yingzong to go to war on his own. Regardless of the opposition of the ministers of civil and military affairs of the Manchu Dynasty, Yingzong led 200,000 troops to crusade Wala.Two hundred thousand troops to attack a small wala is not difficult.If it doesn’t end in a big defeat, it doesn’t end in a big deal.But there is a demon Wang Zhen, unitary moth or the whole out after all.On July 16, two hundred thousand troops set out from Beijing and arrived at Datong 15 days later via juyong Pass.When we arrived at Datong, we found that all the troops we had sent had fled in all directions.Considering the safety of the emperor, the court officials advised Yingzong to return home and make a long-term plan.Wang Zhen also realized the seriousness of the matter and advised Yingzong to return to Beijing.On the way back to Beijing, The wala cavalryman Yingzong, in The story of The Great Ming Dynasty, led his army. Wang Zhen felt that the 200,000 troops were so powerful that it would not do to go back like this.He wanted yingzong to bring 200,000 troops through his hometown, Yu County, Hebei province, to bring honor to himself.As a matter of fact, this route is shorter and safer than the one we took when we came back to Beijing.Can be the demon king began a new round of demon, the army went to half of the Wang Zhen thought that it is now the harvest season, two hundred thousand troops trampled on crops, they do not want to be home people’s tongue.So he advised Yingzong to return by the same route.The decision to retrace his steps was made.When the army arrived at The civil fort, the distance from the territory of the Ming Army at that time huailai city is also about ten miles, has been driving can safely arrive.But the king’s father-in-law felt that the baggage-train had not kept up, so he chose to camp on the spot.What is Earthfort? Open ground, safe and sound.Father-in-law Wang has lost his head.Soon Walye’s cavalry followed.The wara cavalry, killed from all sides, broke down the Formation of the Ming army, and the Ming army was suddenly in disorder, suffering countless casualties.After this battle, most of the elite troops of the Ming army were lost. Almost all of the 200,000 troops were wiped out. The famous veteran British general Zhang Fu was killed in battle.More important, Ming Ying zong Zhu Qi town was captured.Because of his crimes, Wang Zhen was beaten to death by Fan Zhong, a general of the Ming Army, in the chaos of the army.”Da Ming Fenghua” zhu Qi town captured Ming Yingzong after defeat, and did not like chongzhen emperor suicide, but sit on the side calmly waiting to be captured, finally when the wala Ye first prisoners, became the tools of extortion along the way as well as gold and silver treasure.Fortunately, yu Qian of the Ming Dynasty tried to turn the tide, save the Ming Dynasty in water and fire, zhu Qiyu to change the new monarch to make Wala ye first stratagems to fail.Generally, emperors who became prisoners of ethnic minorities would not come to a good end. Similar situations can be seen in the Song Dynasty, in which Emperor Huizong and Emperor Qinzong were the father and son.But Zhuqi town is different.Zhu Qi town became captive, not only was not insulted, but with Wala ye first became a friend, especially as well as the first brother often protect Zhu Qi town in front of his brother, Zhu Qi town was sent back to the Ming Dynasty also worried that Zhu Qi town will be killed by his brother, the friendship does not see that they are hostile forces.Zhu Qi town’s good popularity is really too perfect, not only infected the enemy forces.Even yuan Bin, who was captured with him, was willing to share life and death with Zhu Qi town.When ying Zong is hungry and cold, he can warm hands and feet for Ying Zong, and also help ying Zong to spend the butcher’s knife of death for many times.One year after the capture of Yuan Bin and Zhu Qizhen in Da Ming Style, the battle to defend Beijing broke out, and the civil and military officials led by Yu Qian, led by The Jingtai emperor Zhu Qiyu, ended in victory.Wala also retreated to the Desert first. Seeing that Zhuqi town was useless, he sent him back to Daming.At this point, Zhu Qi zhen Wala “study abroad” for a whole year returned, was imprisoned in the south palace by his younger brother Zhu Qiyu.After seven years of advanced study in The South Palace of Zhu Qi town, shi Heng, a senior general;Civil servant Xu Youzhen;Under the plot of cao Jixiang, the eunuch, on the 17th of the first month, he launched a rebellion to seize the gate and restored the South Palace, ending his seven years of imprisonment.After Zhu Qi zhen succeeded to the throne again, he changed his title to Tianshun.After the restoration of Zhu Qi town, Wang Zhen was restored as an official.Massacre to Yu Qian as the representative of the Jingtai period of the heroes;Exile yuan Bin, who shares weal and woe with him;And deposed Zhu Qiyu as 郕 wang, imprisoned in xiyuan.Of course, after the restoration of Zhuqi town also did a commendable thing, that is, the abolition of the Ming dynasty’s long-standing system of martyrdom.Finally, about the town of Zhu Qi, quote the next year the moon big author of a sentence: “He is not a good emperor, but he is a good man.”Article/slowly thank you for your reading, I wish friends good health, family harmony, wish come true, all the best, feel good friends, remember to give the article a thumbup, pay attention to it, every day will bring you good articles