Among the top 100 listed companies in the world, Apple ranked first, Tencent Moutai ranked first, and Ningde Times ranked

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A list of the world’s 100 most valuable listed companies has been released, with Apple topping the list, Microsoft and Google topping the list, Tencent in the Chinese mainland topping the list, and Kweichow Moutai ranked 19th.In international authoritative institutions have recently released the world value of top the list of listed companies, a total of 11 Chinese companies list, including TSMC ninth, for the greater China market value of listed companies, tencent number 11 to 3.59 trillion yuan, guizhou maotai ranks 19th, alibaba ranked 26th, ningde ranked 55 times,Several state-owned banks and Meituan are on the list.In terms of the overall list, Apple topped the list with 18.57 trillion yuan, followed by Microsoft and Google, and Saudi Aramco and Amazon. The market value of the top five listed companies exceeded 10 trillion yuan.Tesla, Facebook, Nvidia, Berkshire Hathaway and others rounded out the top 10.It can be seen that the total market value of American technology companies is still in a leading position, and the number and market value of Chinese companies are the second in the world, and there is great space and potential for development.What do you think of this list?