Huizhou enjoys a fragrant New Year and traditional snacks are popular

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Huicheng qiaodong’s sugar ring and jiao zai, Huiyang danshui’s egg yolk dumpling, Boluo Futian’s round dumpling, Minshan’s sweet dumpling in Huidong, Zhongkaitong Qiao’s long dumpling, longmen’s rice cake in Old Street…Huizhou smells fragrant during the Spring Festival.All counties (districts) of the city have ordered delicious traditional snacks, pay attention to “mouth color”, play the “folk” heat is the biggest selling point of traditional snacks this year, become a family reunion snacks, friends and relatives to entertain good products and visit relatives and friends with hand gifts.The strong Smell of The New Year, along with the aroma of huizhou traditional snacks, wafted in the streets.Starting on the 18th day of the 12th lunar month, Wang Shidi, a resident of Fanhe village, Minshan town, Huidong County, gets more than 20 cages of sweet dumplings and rice cakes a day.Dumplings, such as rice dumplings, sweet dumpling and rice dumplings, are necessary traditional dishes during hakka festivals in Huizhou.Not only to eat the New Year, but also used as a blessing, meaning “sweet” “Huanhuanxi” “rising”.Wang Shidi’s hakka sweet dumplings and rice cakes are well known in China.Not only local villagers buy from her, but also some nearby residents make reservations to her early. During the Spring Festival, the whole family is usually busy until 4 or 5 am.Huicheng Qiaodong Street Xiushui Lake street veteran artist Qiu Ruiguo is also busy.He has been cooking traditional dumplings for 30 years. During the Spring Festival, he is the busiest time in China. Dumplings, such as dumpling, sweet dumpling and worm dumplings, sell well and are ordered in large quantities.”These snacks look very ‘primitive’, but aftertaste during the Chinese New Year, the heart has unspeakable happiness and satisfaction.”Zhang Dongmei, a resident, orders two dumplings and 20 red dumplings from Qiu Ruiguo every year. Only by eating these dumplings can her family truly enjoy a traditional Chinese year.In Tongqiao Town, Zhongkai High-tech Zone, long zongzi of returned Vietnamese overseas Chinese handbags are also particularly easy to sell.”We get orders to make 50 long zongzi at a time, and it takes an afternoon to make zongzi,” huang said.Eating long zongzi during the Spring Festival means “long and long” to returned Overseas Chinese in Vietnam.In recent years, Tong Qiao long zongzi is very popular, not only zhongkai, Huicheng, Boluo and other residents have booked, and even Shenzhen, Dongguan people have joined the “buying”.In old Huizhou, sugar rings and oil horns are essential for the Spring Festival.The round sugar ring implies that the family is interlinked, endless, full of gold;Youjiao zai is shaped like a wallet, which means a prosperous New Year.Therefore, these New Year’s goods are essential for huizhou folk to give gifts and entertain guests.Huicheng Qiaodong old street of the Luxiang cake shop is an old shop making traditional huizhou snacks.After the “winter Solstice”, the store is busy making traditional snacks such as sugar rings, jiaozai, egg powder and cat ears. The store enters the sales peak one week before the Spring Festival.”Snack makers are busy until 2 am every day.”Deng Huiling, the person in charge of luzhouxiang cake shop, introduced that there are a large number of customers to the shop to buy every day, among them are familiar with the old Huizhou, there are also many new Huizhou, many people eat on the spot, suddenly buy dozens of bags.”Due to the epidemic, many residents are not going out, so we have adopted a combination of online ordering and on-site purchasing, and the sales are as good as in previous years.”Deng huiling said, because the sugar ring is so popular, there was “out of stock.”Luzhouxiang cake shop adopts new packaging this year, each snack uniform weight, with red seal bag packaging, the bag is festive red, also printed with the cake shop’s TWO-DIMENSIONAL code.The store also offers gift boxes, which citizens can send to friends in other places as huizhou hand-mail.”It looks more festive and traditional.”CAI, who came from jiangbei city with his son, bought 20 bags of snacks. “The traditional snacks are too rich and beautiful. We must let the children eat the authentic Taste of Huizhou New Year.”Source: Huizhou Daily Read by Sun Shijian