Putin doesn’t have to fight Ukraine will be killed by “pig teammates”?Western aid missiles expired

2022-05-05 0 By

As the saying goes, “Not afraid of a godlike opponent, but afraid of a pig like teammate,” Ukraine, which has already become the “poorest country in Europe,” may not be able to fight against the powerful Russian army on its own.But the US has long made clear that it will not send troops to help Kiev fight the war, only with partial supplies.This amounts to saying that the West has largely given up on Ukraine before it has even started a war.However, even at this juncture, Ukraine encountered more than one “pig teammate”…Ukraine has received a shipment of US-made Stinger anti-aircraft missiles from Lithuania, Ukrainian Defense Minister Alexander Reznikov said, ccTV.com reported.This would have been good news, a sign of Lithuania’s support for Ukraine, but the date on the stinger case was “December 31, 2010”.Stinger manpads, while advanced, also have a shelf life.Its sophisticated warhead electronics are maintenance-free for about two to four years, and once the missile has not been launched, a maintenance is required to check for failed components and extend the missile’s life.As for the “stinger” marked with the date of 2010 that Ukraine received, I am afraid it is long overdue.What are the consequences of expired missiles?At a minimum, the launch would fail, or fail to fly properly to the target after launch, or fail to explode.It is more likely that the missile will explode at the moment it is powered and launched, killing its personnel.It is no exaggeration to say that Lithuania’s “aid” of these missiles to the Ukrainian army may be more dangerous to the Ukrainian army than to the Russian warplanes, which further shows that Lithuania and other countries have no sincere intention to help Ukraine…Further, Lithuania and other eastern European countries are actually acting as a “conduit” for military aid to Ukraine, through which the United States transfers military aid to Ukraine.In other words, the original owner of the missiles is likely to have come from an American military stockpile, which has been sitting in a warehouse for more than a decade.From this point of view, under the “help” of such “pig teammates”, Ukraine has lost the majority of the war between Russia and Ukraine.Of course, from another perspective, Zelensky knew very well that the assistance provided by the United States and other countries to Ukraine was just “making a fool of things” and would not be of much help to the improvement of Ukrainian military combat effectiveness.That makes It all the less likely that Kiev will fire the first shot lightly, which would surely be suicidal.It is not hard to find that Russia and Ukraine are now the most vocal in Shouting “fight and kill”, but the US government, which has nothing to do with each other. This further proves that the US is the country most anxious about world disorder.