Responsibility and struggle are a pattern

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Sun Ying, People’s Daily (April 07, 2022, 09 edition) General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out at the opening ceremony of the training class for young and middle-aged cadres of the Party School of the CPC Central Committee (National Academy of Governance) in the spring semester of 2022: “Responsibility and struggle are a pattern, and it is more valuable to adhere to the local subordinating to the overall situation and to consciously assume responsibility for the overall situation.”New era, new journey, the broad masses of party members and cadres to challenge with firm ideal faith to be faithful to the party in the afternoon, insist on the part to global, consciously to bear the overall situation, have the courage to bear the bitter, bear, bear the heavy and DanXian, exercising the struggle spirit and ability unceasingly, efforts to create the party and the people, worthy of The Times.General Secretary Xi Jinping has pointed out, “It is the duty and value of a cadre to be responsible for his work.When the Party places officials in various posts, it wants them to serve as officials, not enjoy the benefits of being officials.There is so much work to be done in reform, development and stability.Dare to take responsibility, good as a pattern, is an important yardstick to measure a good cadre, but also for the masses to do practical work inevitable requirements.Cadres cadres, the word “work”.It is better to show off than to shout.Our career, never out of the success, only out of the wonderful.Dare to challenge the problem, so that the masses applaud.Yang Shanzhou could have enjoyed his old age in peace. When his friends heard that he had decided to plant trees in the mountains, they advised him, “Aren’t you asking for trouble?””My position has gone, but my duties as a Communist party member have not changed,” he said.It is the responsibility and pattern of Communists to do unremittingly what they think will benefit the masses.Party officials can lead noble and fulfilling lives only when they keep the world in mind, aim high, remain true to their original aspiration and keep their mission firmly in mind, integrate their ideals into the cause of the Party and the people, and make it their greatest happiness to strive for the happiness of the people.Responsibility is closely related to struggle.As General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out, “Party officials must adhere to principles, be serious and responsible, dare to show their swords in the face of major wrongs, dare to rise to difficulties in the face of contradictions, dare to stand up in the face of crises, dare to take responsibility for mistakes, and dare to resolutely fight against unhealthy trends and evil forces.”The courage to fight is a necessary requirement for the courage to take responsibility.All the achievements in the cause of the Party and the state have been made through constant struggle.Over the past century, our Party has gone through arduous struggles to grow from small to large and from weak to strong.The struggle of Communists is not for selfish gains, but stems from their original aspiration and mission, and is for the people, the country, the nation, and their ideals and beliefs.The struggle of communists is a pattern and a realm in which they have won heavy work and an uphill battle in coping with major challenges, fending off major risks, overcoming major obstacles and resolving major contradictions.”Only when the whole Party continues to carry forward the spirit of responsibility and struggle can we achieve the great goal of rejuvenating the Chinese nation,” Xi said.On our new journey in the new era, we need to shoulder our responsibilities and struggle to advance the five-sphere integrated plan, the four-Pronged comprehensive strategy, and the work of ensuring steady growth, advancing reform, making structural adjustments, improving people’s livelihood, guarding against risks, and ensuring stability.It takes courage to bear and struggle, and this courage reflects the pattern of party members and cadres.Pattern is the motive force of party member cadre action, it is the realm that thought and mind place achieves.This pattern contains the answer to the fundamental question of “who AM I, for whom, and on whom to rely”; it contains the commitment to be loyal to the Party, share the party’s worries, do our duty for the Party, and benefit the people; and it contains the unremitting pursuit of the lofty spiritual realm of “I will live up to the people without myself”.Party members and cadres should take concrete actions to overcome difficulties and carry out unrepentant efforts on the new journey in the new era.Party members and cadres should bear in mind “the greatness of the country”, think and handle problems from the perspective of the overall situation and strategy, and take on responsibilities and struggle from the perspective of the overall situation and strategy.For things that are feasible in part but not in the whole, the part should be subordinate to the whole;The same is true of the other way round. What is not feasible from the point of view of the whole should be subordinated to the whole.This requires us to make more big calculations and less small ones, adhere to local subordination to the overall situation, and consciously assume responsibility for the overall situation.All our work must be based on the implementation of the decisions and plans of the CPC Central Committee. We must not compromise overall interests for the sake of local interests, or fundamental or long-term interests for the sake of temporary interests. Instead, we must be able to integrate our work into the overall cause of the Party and the country, and make sure that our work contributes to both the glory of the region and the glory of the whole.(The writer is dean of the School of Marxism, Minzu University of China)