Ancient short story: when the road is rough, the woman saves the hero

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Story first in The Naran Yunzhai, the original ancient wind story number, infringement will be investigated.Author: Whale and sea 1 my name is Shanhua, yuzhou this famous warrior.As we all know, to be a warrior you must have two special skills: hand and mouth.And I have a gift for both.So WHEN I passed through the woods that night, I saw a bunch of men in black corrassing a childe, the DNA in my body was working hard.Not only did I save someone from those guys, BUT I spit on the man in black.But when the boy and I got to a safer place and saw the boy’s face, I regretted for the first time my meddling.That childe a suit of disorderly, but the slightest did not have the consciousness that is being chased after, shaking fan toward me smile way: “met again!A mountain.””……”I don’t really want to meet.The first time I met Zuliang was two years ago. At that time, I was just a beginner, but Zuliang was very good.As the six retarded prince who is famous in the whole capital, he put the words “I want to be the emperor” on his face, even in the face of his emperor father.Although a father is a real father, it is unbearable to have a son who is always watching his place and wants him to lead the succession quickly.But after all, a son is a real son, so you can’t just cut him.Out of sight, out of mind, the emperor decided to send the six princes out on business.As for Zu Liang, although he did not have the wisdom to be an emperor, he loved his people like a son.A came to Yuzhou city, see here the official lewd no way, also don’t want to take the two half-cocked guards, the mouth will spray the several officials seven meat and eight vegetable, also threatened to cut people’s head.Yuzhou city far away from the capital, the officials here is the emperor of earth, a look at six prince spray so badly, if the things stabbed to the emperor in front of not bad.Several people a discussion, not to do, two endlessly, directly put six prince son to wipe.Just this Yuzhou mountain bandits, said six emperor was killed by mountain bandits logical, when the time comes even if the crime has nothing to do with them, after all, bandits still sent by the court to the general.Several officials were determined to kill six princes, and the next night they sent a group of soldiers dressed in black to block six princes into the woods.I happened to be a novice, ignorant of the dangers of the world, and rushed at a man in danger with a sword.I thought I could fight evil like a hero, but it turned into a head bearer.At that time, the battle was young, was cut several knives, just to support the breath will be saved.It would have been a good thing to do, but I’m still being blamed.So that two months, I gold sore medicine paste body, just with the ancestral liang escaped the help of officials to kill, such as reinforcements, the group of officials to a pot end!Now when I see Zu Liang again, my old wound aches faintly.So I decided to send him back the way he came.Zu Liang sensed my intention, firmly fixed in place: “what are you doing?A mountain?”I turn round coldly smile: “stem what?Send you back.””Dare you?””Why should I be afraid?”The night was dark and the wind was high, and the two of us were stuck in the woods.In the meantime, the big brother came after him.I’ve been around for a long time, and I realized right away that this was unusual.Ask a halfway robbery, which has been chasing people run?Look at this posture, it must be zu Liang caused what trouble, people want to kill to silence it!Zu Liang saw that I wanted to run and immediately turned over his hand and grabbed my arm.I can not get rid of, had to smile to the eldest brother: “eldest brother, this person I originally wanted to give you to send back, just now you come, take people away!”That eldest brother does not talk, just lift a knife, knife showing the moonlight with cold light, I and zu Liang’s small heart one take out one take out.Both sides deadlock, during, zu Liang gather together to my ear, small sound way: “you don’t want to do warrior?Kill him and you will become a real warrior.”I listen to him a pair of I be fool coax tone, turned over a white eye son: “no line!He has three knobs on his head!””Why?””Don’t you know?Triple helix war is terrible!””…You’re quite superstitious.”As soon as zu Liang’s voice fell, the eldest brother on the other side rushed over with a knife.I threw Zuliang aside and confronted my eldest brother.As I expected, the fight was fierce!We had been fighting for half a minute. Women were not as strong as men, and if they continued to fight like this, they would have to die if they had won. I saw the right moment and hit him in the face.On both sides of the nose to the midpoint of the eyebrow arch, this place up a punch, light faint, heavy death.My fist was light, but it was enough to knock him out!Zu Liang saw the person fell down, carrying the fan ran over, explore the eldest brother’s breath, looked up and asked me: “You that is what boxing, so fierce?”I carried the sword panting: “Tomato fried egg fist.”When it rains all night, we are really in the rain.Zu Liang and I rode a horse to an inn, clothes have been able to twist out three jin of water.I asked for two upper rooms, had a hot bath and dinner together.After dinner, I side pick tooth side ask zuliang way: “zha of, this again because of what to send head to somebody else?”Zu Liang angrily stared at me: “See what you say!Was I delivering heads? I was on a business trip!”I shrugged innocently. To tell you the truth, there’s no difference between a man’s head and a father’s job.”Well, tell me why you came back.””Ah!The general here was sent to suppress bandits a few years ago, but for so many years, the bandits have not cleaned up, but the military pay is more and more year after year.My father suspected that the general was corrupt and paid for nothing, so he asked me to look into the evidence.”I listened to an eyebrow, can not be denied.In fact, the general is free to pay this matter in the whole Yuzhou city is not a big secret, in addition to those ordinary people, but all those who have more communication know this matter.But that general is not good stubble, the emperor sent six prince son this mix son, feeling the emperor is not want this son.I understand the reason, did not open mouth again, but Zu Liang can not sit.”Shanhua, why don’t you ask me what to do next?”I shook my head honestly. “Don’t want to know.”Who knows the next second rushed over to embrace my thigh wailing: “don’t ah, mountain flower, you have to help me!What would I do without you!””……”I didn’t have to ask him, the old rascal!The next day, Zuliang and I lay prone on the wall of the general house, waiting for dark to steal the books in the study.From the day I dreamed of being a warrior, I didn’t think I would do such a thing.However, Zu Liang did not have the slightest awareness that he was raking the walls of others, and his small fan turned to fly.That cheap cheap appearance, I really can’t connect him with that rainy night smiled to say long time no see man.”Well, if it’s night, why do we have to lie on people’s walls all day?”I glared at him. What can I say?I’m not good at my job, so I want to go early?Finally get to the night, I and Zuliang changed the night clothes, quietly climbed into the study of the general house.While I was outside, Zuliang was inside looking for the books.A quarter of an hour later, Zuliang came out with a long face.”Where are the books?” I asked.Zu Liang’s two hands spread out: “have no, don’t know to let that old thing hide where to go.”We both sighed in unison.The shogun’s house is so big, who knows where he might hide it?All of a sudden, I heard the ring, and immediately took zuliang to hide.Then, he saw the general leading the master into the study.I said nothing, with the ancestral beam on the roof.Zuliang moved the tile with ease and expertly, and the sound inside came out clearly.”Well?” asked the general.Are the books hidden?”Master way: “rest assured, adult, press your meaning, the golden lotus step of three madam, no problem.”The general nodded with satisfaction. “Good.”Then they each took something and left.Zu Liang rubbed his chin thoughtfully: “The golden lotus step of the three ladies, what is that place?”I stood up from the roof, wiped the dust off my body and said, “His third wife’s foot-binding cloth, can you understand?”The foot-binding cloth of the third wife of the general was smelly and long, and the account book was in it. When Zu Liang and I opened it, we almost fainted.I pinched his nose and shook his head: “The taste of the general is quite unique!”Zu Liang nodded his head in agreement.The ledger was put in for a short time, but the smell was still lingering.Zu Liang pinched his nose with two finger tips pinching the ledger in front of him, I separated several zhangs behind him.Finally arrived at the inn, Zuliang immediately found a box to seal it up, and then immediately took a bath.When he came out of the shower, I asked him, “Now that you have the evidence, what are you going to do?”Wiping his hair, Zuliang said, “What can I do?Waiting for reinforcements!””Huh?””I have sent a message to the capital, my father real Madrid will send reinforcements to come over, do not need to enter the capital, in this Yuzhou city to do the general!”Zuliang pinched a small fist and swore.But MY heart was pinched sweat, with this guy’s bad luck, not sure what will happen!The fact proves, my crow mouth is not cover, said the accident is really an accident!Half a month later, Zuliang and I hired a car to go for an outing in the countryside. When we passed through the woods, our carriage was immediately surrounded by a group of soldiers.The general was waving his broadsword a few steps away, and Zuliang and I were trembling in the carriage, hugging each other.”Say, did you steal my account book?”Zu Liang and I shook our heads at the same time.Kidding!At this point anyone who recognizes who is a fool.But the general does not believe at all, way: “quick hand over come out, return ability rao you one life!””What makes you say we took your account book?” he shouted at the general.See general cold hum 1: “be you, my home three madam’s foot son flavor I can smell not come out?”The effect!When the general saw that we made no attempt to hand over the books, he waved his hand, and the soldiers surrounding the carriage rushed forward to tie us both back.At this moment, Zu Liang suddenly bent over and whispered in my ear, “When they come, run as fast as you can. I know your skills. Don’t worry, my father said his men will arrive soon.”What about you?”Zu Liang smiled and said, “Don’t worry about me, as long as you are safe.”I didn’t want to cry, but as soon as he said that, my tears began to fall.In that case, I have no hidden power.The soldier got the order and came up to the two of us with the rope.I knocked two soldiers down with one blow, flew onto the roof of the car, and fished a cloud piercing arrow out of my pocket.The general fixed eyeball a look, disdain way: “zha of, dozen however take artillery fight, prepare to die together?”I looked at the general, laughed: “see you that have not seen the world of appearance, this is called through the cloud arrow, is what firecrackers ah!”A cloud piercing arrow, thousands of armies and horses to meet!In the general’s horrified eyes, I lit the arrow through the cloud and watched it burst into brilliant sparks in the sky.Then, five men came.All the people present were speechless.Zu Liang stood on the beam of the car and pulled my dress: “Flower, come down quickly, it’s too embarrassing!Can we stop playing B?”I, too, felt so ashamed that I wanted to crawl under the general’s mocking eyes.The general laughed for a long time, but also laugh enough, is going to tie us back, and then, suddenly appeared a large group of people around the general.Zu Liang don’t understand ground looking at me: “zha of, you this wear cloud arrow to still have delay time?”I shook my head blankly. “I don’t know. I don’t know any of these people.”The men who surrounded the general opened a little space in the middle, and the men behind came forward.Wait to see the face of the bearer, Zuliang pleasantly patted my shoulder: “flower ah, our reinforcements arrived!”General corruption of military pay, people with the emperor’s will, coupled with zuliang to get the books, the general’s good day is at an end.Because of this, Zuliang made a great contribution and wished that his nostrils were facing the sky when he went out.With the end of this matter, Zuliang also had to return to the capital.In the lobby of the station, Zuliang patted his chest and assured me: “Flowers!You saved my life twice. Come with me to the capital!When I am emperor, I will make you a different king!”All around are people from the capital, Zu Liang finish this sentence, I for him knead sweat.I was surprised that people around me seemed accustomed to his words and deeds.Zu Liang saw me along while did not reply, ask a way: “zha, flower, talk!You are not satisfied!””Nothing. I just feel like you’ve survived this long because of the kindness of the people around you.”Zuliang flat flat mouth: “that you are willing to go to the capital with me after all?”I shook my head. Although I wanted to be with Zulliang, I was far from the point of selling horses and swords for him and giving up everything for him.But I still had a little luck in my heart and asked, “Would you like to stay in Yuzhou?”Zu Liang immediately changed a pair of why would you think so expression, shouted: “how possible, BUT I want to be the emperor of the people!””……”Let’s break up! We can’t talk anymore!After Zu Liang returned to the capital, I thought I would have nothing to do with this life.But two months later I was walking through the woods again, and I saw a bunch of bandits holding knives around a man.Zu Liang impressively sat in the middle, holding a small bundle shiver!Muscle memory is faster than brain, and by the time my brain knew it, I had the bandits on the run.Zuliang embraced the bundle in his arms, hugged my thigh and began to cry: “Ah ah ah!Shanhua, you can finally come, I was almost killed by the bandits!”I was crying so hard that I slapped the back of his head.”Now, what’s this time?”When Zu Liang heard me ask him this, his nose was sour and he began to cry again: “It’s all over, Shanhua. I can’t be the emperor any more. My father has given me a title of king and made yuzhou a fief for me!”Zu Liang finished crying and looked up at me: “Can you still take me to play with you?”Looking at zuliang red eyes a face of expectation, I feel funny, and some want to cry, the day turns round, back to this small forest son.I pulled Zuliang up from the ground and patted the dirt off him. “Yes, but now you are the boss of the city. You have to protect me.”With my help, Zuliang stood up from the ground, tightly clutched my hand and said, “Good.”Not far away, the royal honor guard and accompanying team also arrived here, a crowd looked at their master is also very helpless.Don’t you think it’s good for a king to go with his own army?Why must I go alone and be robbed and rescued?Zu Liang gave them a back view that you don’t know anything about. He ran after my horse and shouted, “Wait for me, flower. Give me a hand and I will ride with you…”(after)