Press | to ensure open jiang to resume safe!Heilongjiang province carries out 100% safety inspection and 100% quality inspection on ships in operation

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Open river is imminent, the ship experienced the lie berth of a winter, to ensure the safety of ship navigation, what job did maritime branch do?Song Yongqiang, deputy director of heilongjiang Maritime Safety Administration, answered reporters’ questions at a press conference held by the provincial government information Office on Thursday.According to the introduction, although since last year after sealing the river, the ship is lying berth state, but the maritime work did not slacken, in addition to strengthen the ice period ship patrol and inspection, focus on the following work, actively for this year’s flow ling period and open river navigation safety and emergency work ready.First, strengthen the investigation, maritime personnel to the area of the ship berth and berth comprehensive sorting, combined with previous work experience and the impact of extreme weather on the ship, risk analysis, comprehensive risk identification.Second, strengthen inspection.Before the resumption of navigation, the maritime personnel will carry out 100% safety inspection on the ships put into operation under the jurisdiction, and the ship inspection personnel will carry out 100% quality inspection, which is what we call “two 100%”.At present, the two inspections are in progress.Third, carry out activities to send knowledge, services and skills to crew members.During the iceover period, considering the needs of epidemic prevention and control, maritime authorities around the country have actively carried out business skills training for sailors through online video.Before the resumption of navigation, the maritime “three delivery” service will be delivered to every crew member who will participate in the voyage, covering 100% of the total.At present, our bureau has carried out a total of 19 “three delivery” activities, 1031 people participated in the activities.The training contents include crew career planning, matters needing attention for the replacement of competency certificate, the use of the platform and safety warning education, etc.Fourth, organize and carry out the publicity and implementation of the Guiding Opinions on the Safety Management of Self-used Ships in Towns and townships.This opinion is agreed by the provincial government, the maritime safety Administration, emergency department and other five departments jointly issued.Maritime authorities have compiled a publicity and interpretation manual and carried out intensive work through media and interviews to create an environment and conditions for the effective implementation of the opinions.Fifth, organize and carry out relevant work for the risks and hidden dangers in the jurisdiction, deploy special actions such as the report verification of ships entering and leaving the port, the inspection of Marine gas and fuel devices, the special inspection of ships involving passengers, the inspection of crew’s performance of duties, and the anti-pollution inspection of ships in the dock area, and continue to promote the three-year action of eliminating hidden dangers of ships colliding Bridges.To promote the establishment and improvement of the formulation of navigation guidelines for vessels in bridge areas, opinions on safety supervision of old transport vessels, management system for vessels involving passengers and long-term management mechanism for sand mining and transporting vessels.Copyright Notice: Reprint in any form without permission is prohibited.Reporter: Zhong Liang