Beijing traffic management department: to ensure the smooth operation of Olympic traffic

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24 winter Olympics opening ceremony held on the evening of February 4, Beijing traffic administration, early planning set the games lanes network, add perfect games traffic security facilities, making traffic security and special weather, dealing with all kinds of plan, plan, and launch event during the games opening ceremony and events traffic and social integration of “1 + 1” traffic security model,Timely release of traffic guidance information, to ensure the safety of the games traffic, social traffic harmonious operation.Before the opening of the Olympic special lane, the Beijing Municipal Traffic management department has completed the construction of special roads for the Winter Olympics and Paralympics, and the setting of special directions and warning signs for the Winter Olympics.Recently, according to the traffic security demand of the Winter Olympic Games, improve the recognition of the Olympic special road, increase the winter Olympic signs 569 faces, a total of 228,000 square meters of mapping, redrawing all kinds of marking, set up the Winter Olympic signs more than 1,000 faces, to ensure that the Olympic vehicle running route of all kinds of traffic facilities are complete and effective.Since the Olympic lanes to enable citizens highly support, the whys and wherefores driver can the interests, the initiative to comply with the requirements of the “notice”, as the games release the green channel, active comity Olympic vehicles, lanes for good traffic order, reflects the citizens vying for traffic civilization practitioners, fully showing the “double the city” a good image of the hospitality, civilization polite.Pre-decide the guarantee scheme To ensure the traffic safety and efficiency to protect the winter Olympics and the winter paralympics run efficiently and orderly traffic, Beijing traffic administration, fine choreography, precise ShiCe, planning and setting the games lanes network, add perfect games traffic security facilities, making traffic security and special weather deal with all kinds of solutions, such as plan,During the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games and the events, the whole police will conduct maintenance and guidance on the road, launch the “1+1” integrated traffic guarantee mode of the event traffic and social traffic, strengthen command and dispatch, road guidance and video patrol, timely release of traffic guidance information, scientific arrangement and planning of the Olympic vehicle departure time and driving route.The maintenance of road nodes such as the ring road, main road and contact line will be strengthened to ensure the safe arrival and departure of Olympic vehicles on time while reducing the impact on social traffic, so as to ensure the safe and harmonious operation of social traffic for the Games.Once a closed-loop vehicle accident occurs, it can be detected and dealt with quickly by relying on the remote accident handling mechanism to effectively prevent epidemic risks.In view of the possible bad weather during the event, the traffic management department will increase police input, focus on encrypting the patrol frequency and density of 34 venues, 60 sites around, 65 major winter Olympic-related roads and winter Olympic-related road network, strengthen the fixed-point dredging and patrol control, to ensure that police and measures are in place.At the same time, communicate with the responsible units for snow clearing and ice removal, establish a hierarchical contact mechanism, and fully guarantee the safe passage of vehicles for ice clearing and snow removal.High frequency release the Olympic traffic information Do people travel guide during the games, Beijing traffic administration will actively integrating the resource of traffic information, in accordance with the “mid-term, short-term, instant” three forms of information release model, through the media, such as traffic radio “Beijing traffic police” weibo, outdoor display screen, Internet, mobile phone client, the navigation software such as a variety of channels,Carry out the release of traffic guidance information in a phased, step-by-step and all-round way, strive for fine prediction, accurate release, full and accurate content, wide dissemination, powerful guidance, ensure the effect, maximize the publicity and guidance cluster effect, and realize the release of traffic information in all media, all time and all coverage.To facilitate the public to timely understand the traffic conditions, temporary traffic management measures and detour routes and other service information, and arrange travel routes in advance.Source: CCTV News editor: Liu Hui