Five out of seven!Shandong mingsu plus a good performance, traditional weak double kill fish belly, rookie empty cut 18 help

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On January 28, Beijing time, the second phase of the 2021-22 Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) season entered the final day, the traditional weak Tianjin men’s basketball team ushered in a second match against the fish fujian men’s basketball team.After four quarters, Tianjin men’s basketball or a one-upmanship, to 105-85 season double kill Fujian men’s basketball.This service, Tianjin men’s basketball 4 points on double, Rochester alone cut 36 points 8 rebounds 8 assists quasi triple-double data, very brave.For fujian men’s basketball team, rookie Li Yiyang made history with 18 assists.This is also shandong famous zhang Qingpeng served as tianjin men’s basketball assistant after the seventh game, did not expect, 7 5 wins and 2 losses, very brave.Tianjin is currently ranked 14th with a record of 10-17, four games behind jilin, which is in 12th place, and still has a chance to advance to the playoffs.Tianjin men’s basketball team ranked 10th in scoring 99.6 points per game, and ranked 1st in allowing 106.9 points per game.Fujian men’s basketball team is ranked 17th with 6 wins and 17 losses, and it will be difficult for them to qualify for the playoffs.Zhu’s team ranked 12th in scoring at 98.2 points per game and 18th in allowing 108 points per game.Tianjin played Fujian once this season, with Zhang degui’s team beating them 106-87.This second phase of the end of the war, the two teams have no intention to fight, Fujian men’s basketball directly let the super foreign aid Gordon take turns to rest, Zhu Shilong all Chinese class attack, Huang Yichao, Li Yiyang, Zhang Yongpeng, Chen Linjian, Li Jianghuai partner starting.Tianjin men’s basketball side is the first section sent on the foreign aid, Rochester, Lin Tingqian, Shi Deshuai, Jin Xin and Meng Zikai starting, Shandong general Pan Ning into the 12-person list.Fujian men’s basketball with a 3-pointer to open the prelude to the attack, Tianjin men’s basketball is full of firepower, hit a wave of 15-7, Fujian men’s basketball obviously not willing to fight, Zhu Shilong early sent on the rotation of the players, the first section of the war, Tianjin men’s basketball 34-23 lead 11 points, Meng Zikai single section of 3-pointers 3 of 4 to get 13 points.Into the second quarter, Fujian men’s basketball is still not much, Tianjin men’s basketball is to continue to force, single quarter played a 21-17, half the war stop, Tianjin men’s basketball 55-40 lead 15 points, Meng Zikai 13 points, Rochester 19 points.Easy side to fight again, Fujian men’s basketball began to wake up, and Tianjin men’s basketball attack problems, single section was fujian men’s basketball played a 28-21, three sections of the war, Tianjin men’s basketball is still leading 8 points 76-68.Into the last section, the tianjin team is still not to relax, played fujian team a single section 29-17, in the end, the tianjin team men’s basketball team to a 105-85 victory over fujian, double of the season opponents, it is also a Zhang Qingpeng as tianjin basketball assistant coach after the game 7, unexpectedly, in his seven games, tianjin basketball seven game 5 win 2 defeats,Become a major scene of the second stage.Data level, tianjin men’s basketball three scored in double figures, Meng Zikai 22 points and 7 rebounds, Rochester 36 points, 8 rebounds and 8 assists, Lin Tingqian 15 points and 6 rebounds.Four fujian men’s basketball team scored in double figures, Chen Linjian 18 points, Zhang Yongpeng 18 points and 9 rebounds, Huang Yichao 11 points, Adili 10 points, Li Yiyang 4 points, 7 rebounds, 18 assists and 3 steals.Tianjin Men’s Starters: Rochester, Lin Tingqian, Shi Deshuai, Jin Xin, Meng Zikai Fujian Men’s starters: Huang Yichao, Li Yiyang, Zhang Yongpeng, Chen Linjian, Li Jianghuai